16" wide tires, which one?


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Mar 24, 2008
Ok guy's, now I need some advice!
Now after my restauration (and relocated E-bracket) of the T-arms I need better tires.

The rims I have now is 16" Boyd's, 7" front and 8" rear.
The grip with my old Nitto 255/50/R16 is none and the tires spins up to 60 mph when WOT.
Minimum width should be 255 and good traction is prioritized.

Is it possible to squize in BFG P295/50R16, or will they rub the fender inside.

This is what I found so far:

Other suggestions are welcome.......
How old are your tires ? After 3-4 years the tires harden and loose grip.

Let's see if this link works:

You should see several tires in your size, 255-50-16. The Sumitomo tire is very soft, threadwear rated at 160. These don't last long but they grip pretty good and they're cheap. I have them on my Z28 in 315-35-17 (rear only) and they last about 15000miles but the grip is ok.
Tires are from beginning of -90
Could possibly explain why I have bad traction :amused:
I think I wait and see if I can mount the rims without any spacer now when the E-brake bracket have been relocated.
Someone have to tell me how to measure it :blush::blush::blush:

Forget it, I just found this:

It is 5" from the inner rim side to the rims flat surface facing the rotor.
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i bet 295's would fit on there. barely

i had 295/50/15 on with 10" rallys with 5" bs

on the back

even if the backspacing is ok (stock is 4") your calippers might hit the backside of the spokes. It matter how the spokes are designed and where they are located in relation to the mounting surface. Many modern wheels have curved spokes for this very reason, to allow for calipper clearance and allow for a deep dish and a polished lip....
Ok I will have to check the clearence.
I can mount one rotor and caliper on one t-arm and check.
Got 1/16" clearence to calliper, not much but enough :)
My tire is 1/4" from t-arm, also tight but I think it will do.
The composite spring will be the next clearence issue.

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Keep an eye on the balance weights, might be another tight spot and they could hit the calipper... then you're chasing a vibration problem for weeks not knowing what the hell is going on.....

Also keep tire flex in mind: 255-50-16 isn't all that bulky but still it can be an issue and hit the spring and slice the tire ....

Check out Powertech.de and see how much their 25mm spacers are.... last time I bought from them was before the Euro f'ed it all up..... DuW.de is another option, they carry INXX and powertech spacers. I could have one of my buddies in Germany get them for you and ship regular mail if you want them.
Installed the composite spring yesterday.
What should be a minimum distance between spring and rim?
There is only 1/16 now, on the worst side.
How long is your spring bolt ? Stock 6" or 8" ?

If the spring sits high enough, above the tire any clearance will be sufficient. Some run 18" or larger rims and the spring end is inside the rim.

Just don't let it get too close to the tire sidewall, during cornering the tire is flexing and then the spring can cut into the sidewall.
8" and 16" rim's, the neareast point is to the rim, not the tire.
I also noticed when checking that if I have used a rim of 17-18" it wouldn't be any cleareance issue at all.

I read on the other forum that Nitto 555 drag radials was good for 10000-12000 miles, and also have good side wall stiffness.
Unfortunally the only dim for 16" was 245/50.

Any one here that have used Nitto 555?
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