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  1. ToddG

    Attenna wrench

    Really could not find a forum to put this..but... I think at one time I saw a small wrench for a key chain that is meant for antenna removal. Not a spanner wrench to remove the mounting nut but a wrench to remove the mast for storage..yep you guessed Vette did not come with an auto...
  2. ToddG


    Bought this at a garage sale. Works like new...not a bad 20 bux spent. Perfect for the '81. :thumbs: c-ya ToddG
  3. ToddG

    Fan clutch

    Replaced with a new one....not a minute too soon. It was ready to go. I knew it was bad as it was frozen. Bought a new one last Tuesday and finally put it on yesterday. c-ya ToddG :beer:
  4. ToddG

    Amped up!

    Decided to replace the seats in my '81. They were not tore up just worn. Went with Corvette America, complete mounted in my original trim of silver. They had free shipping.. can't wait till they get here!! c-ya ToddG :clap:
  5. ToddG

    Check Eng Light

    Here is a wierd one. When the car is running there is no check eng light. Car runs fine. Turn car off and remove key Chk eng light stays on and will not go off. Start car up light goes away...turn off remove key, light back on. I have tried disconecting the bat for 3o min or so to see if it...
  6. ToddG

    T-top alarm switch HELP

    how exactly does it work? I had to disconnect mine because I broke it. I know one wire was ground and the other was connected to a plunger so when the t top was locked the pin extended and pushed the switch. That is the part I broke. the wires are just hanging in there now. Now when i lock the...
  7. ToddG

    Nampa / Caldwell Idaho

    Looking to see if the driver of a yellow late '70 (nice vette) frequents this board. We have met a few times on the Blvd, early morns on the way to work. I drive the silver '81. If you do frequent, drop me a line . Would like to meet up and talk shop. c-ya ToddG :mobeer:
  8. ToddG

    wealth of chev v8 info

    killer info here...go through it. sorry if a repost. c-ya ToddG :clap:
  9. ToddG

    Cruise through Eastern Oregon

    Cruise through Eastern Oregon. Did around 150 miles through the back country. Weather was perfect!! These pics were taken about 50 miles from where I live in Idaho :clap: c-ya ToddG :yahoo:
  10. ToddG

    '81 dip stick length?

    I asked this on another forum but I need to recheck the answer. I need to know the length of the '81 engine oil dip stick. The length including the base seat. The dip stick is located on the passenger side. Then I also need to know the length from the tip until the full mark. I changed my oil...
  11. ToddG

    A/C old type

    How can I keep my the A/C on my 81 up to par with out doing a conversion? or is this not possible. If it has to be converted how hard is it? I see at the local parts store conversion kits in a box for around 40 bucks but I dunno.... It works but I would like to get it re-charged. c-ya ToddG :beer:
  12. ToddG

    Neon (peon)

    I bought this car brand new in '97 in Wiesbaden Germany and built it in my old shop in Frankfurt. Five minutes after picking it up I was bouncing it off the rev limiter. Two weeks after that I pulled the motor and installed one I built myself. (I was building before I even bought the car) The...
  13. ToddG

    Corvettes and Cats....Ugh!!

    First off, for a guy...I like cats and so does my WIFE (nuff said). I do not like cats on Corvettes. I have two out door cats. My garage has a cat know the rest of the story. This is what I have to do to protect the car. A car cover is not enough as they have claws and nick paint. to...
  14. ToddG

    1981 Dealer Promo model...

    I finally got one off the bay in silver for a very decent price. Supposedly silver is very hard to come by..the last one I inquired about was close to a $100 bucks. I even got the original box with it for under $40. If it was a deal or not, I am happy anyways. c-ya ToddG :trumpet:
  15. ToddG

    Help ! 81' turn signal flash prob.

    History. Turn signals worked perfect. Flashed at the normal rate. Upgraded to bubble tails. Bought from Ecklers. The whole kit. Installed no sweat. Replaced the included so called heavy flasher. All lights work perfect. Not one bulb out on the car. Turn signals flash too fast. Switched the new...
  16. ToddG

    Face Book

    Who here has face book accounts?? c-ya ToddG me..
  17. ToddG

    Removing ecu in an '81

    Thanks in advance for the help. I have done a search on this topic and having a hard time finding concise instructions. I would like to forge ahead and remove the ECU in mt 81 so I can go with a new aftermarket distributor, carb and intake so I can really play....Installing these items are no...
  18. ToddG

    underhood mirror kit ??

    Ad on on CL. Not sure about how others would feel but I would never put this on my car. It looks too cheesy to me..just my 02 c-ya ToddG:mobeer:
  19. ToddG

    bubble tails..

    I did it...I like it. [/IMG] c-ya ToddG :beer:
  20. ToddG

    '81 hyper tech chip?

    Who here has one? is it worth it and does it give seat of the pants power. Is there a dyno chart floating around with one? c-ya ToddG:mobeer: