Serpentine Setup - Good Deal!


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Sep 2, 2009
Retired Again!
I am trying to clean out the living room! THANKS NORB! SOLD!!!

This is serpentine setup fit my SBC 383. We dry fitted, then cut the lower mounts for the P/S Pump off to fit the circle track pump as noted on the one on right. There are some silver marker lines we used for other measurements while fitting. Should come off with a bit of thinner, etc. You'll see some notes I've added for full-disclosure.
The three pulleys/idlers at the bottom have not been powdercoated.

The one (not-powdercoated) idler is Brand new. Never even dry fit! Gone in a different direction -- yep another vector!
There may be some bolts etc. But this is a good deal!

I'll say; "$125 plus shipping."
And, you say______?
"Come-on. Let's make a deal!"

PayPal please. PM me here. Check out my other ads too - Lift strap, interior, etc.

Cheers - Jim
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