Salt Lake racer build

Wow! I've already added the link to my favorites, as that will make for some very interesting reading in which to get lost. I've always been in awe of such legends of outright speed as Goldenrod's 409.277, and have long dreamt of assaulting (pun intended) the A/GMS record myself, not that it'll ever happen. Thanks for posting...
That is impressive. You don't often see a step by step documentation of a ground up build.

Do you think those Datsun half shafts could be modified to use 1330 u-joints? I hear they are pretty bulletproof, could be an urban legend.
I have done the salt racing set a record 193.29 MPH in 2006 with my 34 Ford coupe blown fuel 509 B/B Chevy Its a E ticket ride for sure


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