need corvette c5 spindle and arms dimensions

CAD model Corvette C5 control arms


this post is to collect information about the ifs and irs suspension of corvette c5 to prototype in AUTOCAD for public use of all

for the manufacture of spindles, arms, crossmember, and others for corvettes modified

I ask the collaboration who have the ability to take measurements and 2D drawings so I can perform 3D and cutting plane

thanks ...

Check here u will find full C5 control arms or a-arms , front and rear


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The .stp files will convert to most CAD system I know of. I have never had much success wit 3D Studio however.

As far as the co-ordinates, bring the parts in first and place them where needed. The ball joint centers are in the file. Here are some of the parts I converted:
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Hi BBShark.

Do you have the spindle in CAD file to share, please (It could be SW part or .step)? If you have the arms too, I would appreciate that.

Thank you!
I have a C5 spindle and the upper rear A-arm. I think thats it. Its been so long I can't remember the source.

Should be in the download section as a STP file

Hi There! I'm looking for CAD files of the spindles. The links I click though seem to be expired.
I'd like to try to make my own drop spindles to save some money.