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Apr 17, 2009
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NCRS NEWS: On the ncrs chat room June 28, 2024 a member Stephen Braley (60705) has requested recommendations for 1972 Wiper Arms – Quote "Looking for a "GOOD" set of wipers arms for a 72. Bought a set from a parts dealer and there really cheap in construction (water tubes)." So far it all crickets – no replies. Either they don't know or don't want to say. Interesting that today the thread is gone today. More about that later.

Someone please advise him that no matter where he purchased these wiper arms the origin of those are from Keen Corvette - owned by "Taiwan" Tommy Keen. The alternative is original GM used, new if you and find them or this cheap short lived chinese crap. Taiwan Tommy would not stand behind his crappy imports for me – I'll bet he will bend over backwards for a retail customer – if they realize he is the source. If there was a contest to see who was the biggest importer of foreign Corvette reproduction's I'll bet Taiwan Tommy would be near top of the list.

The shame is all this is hidden by the resellers of this pretty looking cheap chinese crap marketed at high prices. You can get these same imported wiper arms at zip, ecklers, mid America, AAA, Corvette Specialties of Maryland West – everywhere. Nearly the entire Corvette market is now dominated by faux cheap chinese crap. Just rewards for the NCRS i.e., the National Chinese Reproduction Syndicate.

Although many high-end quality products like modern phones, computers and chips, TV's and such are made in Asia, none of these Corvette importers have the clout of Apple and other. Regrettably the entire old car market is dominated by this imported crap disguised by the resellers. If I get these claims about a repro, it is no longer marketed here. Not so elsewhere.

Have you seen the 68-82 Headlamp and Wiper Door Hose Kits embellished as a "Deluxe Overhaul Kits"? Guess what – the Relay Valves, Vacuum Actuators, Wiper Door Solenoid, 3 Port Wiper Door Safety Switch, Pull Down Override Switches, Check Valve and Filters are imported chinese crap. And guess who is laughing all the way to their bank?

Say how are those leaky 53-82 Fuel Tank Senders working out? How about those 70-74 Fuel Tank Separators leaking out? Those 75 up Cloisonné Emblems shedding their colored Cloisonné inserts. Those chrome grill bars, teeth and bumperettes with fading chrome. The list is long.

Coincidence: just a few years back right after NCRS membership # 1 Gary Mortimer was "removed" from operating the NCRS, the NCRS "store" (judging manuals, books, DVD's, hats, shirts, sweatshirts, etc.) as well as much of the handling of NCRS finances under concealed, hidden, suspicious circumstances (take your pick) his son went to work for Taiwan Tommy Keen Corvette. As Steve Bannon says "There are No conspiracies, but there are No coincidences"

Let me nominate these Taiwan Tommy wiper arms for the nouveau NCRS award.

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Really kind of surprised that anyone would buy new wiper arms for any car. And they are available used, original OEM parts. I suppose the only part that might wear out is the spring.
Someone posted this on another site. Pretty interesting. Hmmm, why would GM ship tooling half way around the world????? :)

I was thinking labor costs were too high in the US.

It would be interesting to find out if GM has some ownership in that plant/business.
Okay, figured there was an angle. Those dies look well cared for.