Misc Vintage Racing Clips

Adding a lot of old ones, but searching first to avoid duplicates.

Searched, but apparently not a duplicate. LMC sometimes edits them and reuploads.

Probably lots of money and just got old. Kind of like the old saying "who ever dies with the most toys, wins." :)
I went to the museum a couple of years ago. I think it was offseason so never saw the track. They had the cars that fell in the hole there and some other interesting things. I was sorry I missed the track being open, I think you can drive a C8 (for a lot of money).

I might go to Indy Museum this summer. I haven't been there for 30 years and I hear it's pretty impressive.
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Yeah, Indy museum was good, but the last time I was there had to be 1995. :)

Maybe have to check out several museums this summer. The is an army tank museum down south that I wanted to check out.

Here's an interesting superformance video, they spend a lot of time talking about the history and racing.


Damn, that guy was really sawing the steering wheel. Looks like he had skinny tires (like the original GT40's).

That's what I miss about old F1 cars, twitchy steering and riding the curbing. It looks like a Sunday drive now.
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