Good Center Drills?


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Mar 5, 2008
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I need a set of new center drills. I have been buying HSS center drills from Mcmaster but they don't last (drill points dull). The smaller sizes mostly.

I was looking for Precision Drill (made in USA) brand but it looks like they have been moved to Brazil. Everything else looks like China made. Anyone know of a drill brand that is still made here?
Travers might be a good place to check out, they have regular sales.

A quick look, they have some pricey ones from France.

I know you said USA, but believe it or not I have no complaints on the cheap HF center drills.
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It looks like Mcmaster sells cobalt center drills for about $10 in the smaller sizes. Supposed to be tougher than HSS. The smaller ones are the ones I use often so they are the ones I seem to go through.
I bought a drill doctor for sharpening regular drills as I have a box of dull drills. I have to make an effort to try it out.

I see lots of videos on making your own jig for sharpening, but haven’t messed with that either.
I tried out the drill Dr. It actually works pretty good. It was on an open box table years ago, so it never cost much.
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