Gm type 2 pumps


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May 8, 2013
Anyone running a gm type 2 power steering pump with v belts? I want one with a remote reservoir but there are so many out there and a lot of different part numbers. This is going on a 70 LS6 bb
I'm running a type 2 pump and vee pulley on my '69. It's not a remote reservoir, but the basic pump is the same AFAIK. FWIW, the first type 2 pump I ran was off an '89 Pontiac Sunbird (or whatever was the Pontiac sister of the Chevy Cavalier). It came with a vee pulley. I later got an aluminum type 2 pump off of a 2007(?) Jeep and transferred the vee pulley to that pump. (I'm now using the Pontiac pump and an ebay aluminum vee pulley on my '51 Chevy pickup.)

There's a lot of selection for remote reservoir pumps, but many use splined/bolted pulleys rather than smooth press-on pulleys.

Again FWIW, I'm running a C4 suspension/steering presently. It's a rack and pinion setup, but C3s use a "similar" ram/cylinder system for assist.

PS pumps.jpg

(Edit: I see BBSHARK and I were typing at the same time. )
I can appreciate the desire to have a remote PS reservoir.

On my 69 427 with PS and AC the Alternator sits directly above the Saginaw PS pump because the AC compressor and smog pump occupy the passengers side.

I cannot take the cap off the PS pump to check the fluid level - from the left side of the car. There is no way I can contort my arm, elbow and wrist. I have to do it from the right side of the car. It's a PIA no matter what.

I wish George Jonas's (RIP) of SSBC (RIP) was still making the control valves and cylinders - I never has a customer with a leak. Get this - if I recall they were $100 each for 25 - no mix or match - 25 valves or 25 cylinders. Well worth it.

Today I don't even resell either. Too much leakers. Negative cash flow,
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