Fornicate TAXES

Geoff Coenen

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Apr 17, 2009
Stratford CT
Fornicate Taxes

I'm so fed up with taxes – Federal Income Tax, State Income Tax, State Sales Tax, Property Tax on Motor Vehicles, Trailers, Boat Trailers (not Boats), Tax on Phone Bill, Tax on Internet, Tax on Interest, Tax on Dividends, Gasoline Tax, Diesel Tax, Estate Tax. It's endless and many of these Public Service Employees are just pissing it away.

I'm tired of housing, heating, feeding, clothing, educating others – providing them with free phones, health care even lawyers. And that sham national government has enticed, welcomed and paid for close to 20 million illegals to enter the USA an put them also the public dole in luxury hotel, apartments, free transportation and prepaid credit cards. WTF ?

Got the 2024 Property Tax on my 6 year old pickup truck and it's $ 537.86 and only I drive this truck about 5000 miles a year – every mile I drive it cost me about nearly a buck in property tax to the city of Stratford, CT and that does not include gasoline + tax and required insurance.


I would love to get another new Corvette – but the state and city can KMA – I'm not spending $70,000 to $160,000 so they can bill me 0.635 percent sales tax or $4,445 up to $10,160 for a ZO6. I can afford it but then each year until a vehicle turns 25 years old there is a declining value in the annual property tax for thousands more in revenue. I have come loathe most all government employees – they are parasites on the public.

Drain the Swamp at all levels of government.

PS Were Voting Donald Trump Baby
America Needs Saving

Is that a yearly tax on all the vehicles you own? Do you at least get free plates with that?
Buy more antique vehicles. A truck from the 90's probably qualifies. :)

But, I’m sure Geoff knows that.

The story I heard was when the auto property tax was being implemented, rich guys with cars lobbied the state for relief and got it.

REFRESHER ON THE $500 MAXIMUM PROPERTY TAX ASSESSMENTWe encourage all antique motor vehicles to maintain Early American or Classic Vehicle plates on their vehicles since it is the best way to ensure way the maximum $500 property tax assessment is applied to your vehicle.
Yes the Vehicle Property Tax is assessed by the towns the vehicle is registered in. The state control the licensing, registration, plates, etc -and that's around $200+ per vehicle in addition without looking - good for 3 years.

The DMV is a fornicating joke. Prior to the china virus (covid virus is BS) you went to motor vehicle, got a number and then sat and waited for 2 hours - no BS - til. they called your number. Now you have to make an appointment online - and it usually means a 7-10 wit to get an open appointment. Then you go to DMV, show them your appointment conformation. Next you get a number and guess what - last time in went in December 2023 - it is still a fornicating 2 hours wait -but the seats are all spread apart.

Once a vehicle is greater than 25 years old the maximum tax value is $500 if you re-register as an antique - so the property tax is about $17.00/ year after the $200 fees to register and get plates. I lets the plates lapse on 4 of my old Corvettes so no Property Tax - no $17.00 or $200+ fees. The Corvette Museum Insurance is the bargain as they are all insured. I drive them up and down my long driveway and around my house to keep their fluid flowing. Only 2 old Corvettes are registered with plates. And I sold 2 other Corvettes cause they were never driven and sat on top of car lifts which are great for storage but a PIA to use.
The 25 year works out OK for pleasure vehicles, but not for daily drivers. My other Dodge pickup is now just my snow plow truck for the driveway. i didn't get it washed enough in the winters and the excess salt rotted the frame - otherwise it looks great - but it is also not 25 years old.

Up at my Lake House in New Preston, CT the mill rate is less and I accessed the online DMV records. You would not believe the number of new and older Ferraris, Mercedes, BMW, Lambo exotic not only from CT but registered there from NY, MA, NJ. The rich are the biggfest beaters out there. I'm not rich, I'm just a working stiff would bought early. I'm not cheap either - I'm just fed up with working to pay taxes.