C4 StopTech big brake kit + hubs


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Sep 25, 2008
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This was a major 'doh on my part, incorrect measurements and the parts made it to CNC before I could catch them. This was for my C4 rear suspension swapped C3. If you have access to a mill, these could be fixed relatively easy.
Anyway, these are supposed to be adapter pieces to use a C5 or C6 corvette front rotor and a StopTech ST-40 together on a 96 c4 rear knuckle. Beautifully machined from T6061 American aluminum.
There are two incorrect dimensions.
The first is that the caliper is not centered on the rotor. It's off by less than .25"
The second is that the pad height is too tall for a c5 front rotor. It might be closer if not correct for a c6 front rotor, but I didn't bother to check since I was going to scrap it anyway.

These also come with two brand new hubs with 5/8" x 3" studs installed, and the original stub axles

$200+ shipping

this is what it was supposed to look like (there is no provision for the spot caliper on the brackets for sale)