Anthony's 53 Chevrolet truck


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Jul 16, 2012
Seattle, WA
I have a friend who is 16 years old, is on the autism spectrum, and takes forced perspective photographs. What is forced perspective.... every single one of those pictures below is a 1:18 scale model car. I met him 3 years ago at a car show where he was given a 57 Ford 300 - somehow I ended up as his friend friend of the family.... maybe because I drove the FJ40 to the show rather then my C3? We are building a truck that is full size but will look like that one below. It will be easy to drive, reliable, new, and be the vehicle which he drives while he's getting parts for his fleet of vehicles. What vehicles, you might ask. A 57 Studebaker silverhawk, a 57 Ford 300 and now a 59 Buick Electra 4 door (evicta?)
but to this build, we've ordered a full frame from Art Morrison, I have a new LS3 and 6L80e in my shop, and the actual truck arrives probably at the end of March or early April....

yes, I know it has a GMC hood and grill.... it's titled as a chevrolet


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and for those curious... it will be pretty much stock height - which will probably be the only Art Morrison frame that isn't slammed...
if you're curious about him...

his truck is here... but I'm not taking it out of the trailer so this is what you get
I'm impressed with it... solid solid truck
what wasn't fun was getting it into the trailer.... it's maybe 6" shorter overall. Add to this, no steering wheel and no brakes - and on a hill (the wrong way)... ah well, it gets to sit for a bit (we're still waiting for the frame).
Anthony was concerned I'd want his truck... it's not a Studebaker, he's safe... but it is a solid truck
it's here, it's rough but it is a start
floors good (which is ironic since we need to replace them all for the motor/trans)
bed is a bit hashed but it's got good lights (not using either)
driver side a/c
that hood color
and the rest
a big bit arrived today... 2 months early... argh!
there will be an unboxing, just not quite yet

still, that's the big pieces....
early is good right???

thats nice any fabrication required with it? are you going to paint it, powder coat it,or something else?
early is good right???

thats nice any fabrication required with it? are you going to paint it, powder coat it,or something else?
I was going to powder coat (and may yet) but I've also had very good luck with KBS coating - so that may be the choice here too.... nice thing about KBS, it can be touched up.