Airlifting rare tractor

Yes, got to give them credit for the investigation, getting land owner approval, helicopter, et cetera.

that cost a few $$$, but it is pretty rare.
I wonder how and when it got there in the first place? I'm sure 100 years ago there was better tillable land around.

Good to see young guys taking an interest in old stuff.
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Yup, makes you wonder sometimes why stuff gets abandoned. Growing up, all the farms always had an area with junk cars. :)

Makes you wonder what the value is now that it runs.

My dad was a veterinarian and visited lots of farms. He saw a 56 4 door parked behind a barn and we got it for a few hundred. The farmer helped us get it started and we drove it home. :)
Water bombers probably make good money!

Those ch-47’s are pretty neat.