1969 INST LPS fuse?


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Mar 5, 2008
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I need a fuse for the INST LPS position (bottom of picture). Presumably Instrument Lamps. Anyone have a chart?

It actually is a good read. The guy traced it all back to the light switch.
The circuit contains all the instrument lights for gauges etc. probably about 15 #1895 bulbs. Basically everything that is on a dimmer. I did find a picture of a fuse block that shows that as a 4 amp fuse.

Here is the problem, that slot looks like its made for a 1/4" x 5/8" fuse. I can find 3/4" and 7/8" but that's it. You could probably jam a 3/4' in there but, if successful, you would never get it out That fuse must be obsolete. I can find a 5mm x 20mm fuse that should work but I'm positive that is not the original fuse.

grainger has lots of 5/8x1/4.

BUSSMANN Fuse: 5 A, 125V AC, 1kA at 125V AC, 5/8 in L x 1/4 in dia Fuse Size, 5 PK

These cartridge-style, fast-acting glass fuses open within seconds of being exposed to overloads and short circuits. They're commonly used in instrument panels, small appliance circuits, and automotive accessories. Also called fast-blow glass fuses, they are highly sensitive to changes in current flow and don't tolerate temporary overload currents or power surges.
There are adapters that convert the old style to new blade style too.
Thanks, problem solved.

Trying to get the wiring sorted out and functional before I put in the dash. The horn doesn't work but it has been so long since I put the wiring in, I can't really remember what's what.
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