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  1. phantomjock

    Plastic Fantastic 2

    Are the rotors coated? - Or are they Carbon/Ceramic? The vanes make me think - maybe not - but do tell... Accessories? AirCon/Radio? or support for the fuel system and maybe water pump (electric?) throttle, steering, dry sump, etc. Crank trigger install is pretty easy - but then the rest...
  2. phantomjock

    Plastic Fantastic 2

    A few years back - Jeff placed this up for sale. Even though I wasn't in the market, he spent a good bit of time on the phone with me. Just to engineers rapping. He was very open about his approach to this car and was very satisfied with the results. We never spoke specifically about...
  3. phantomjock

    Plastic Fantastic 2

    Fans? Ducting? Hood exits? Bigger? Higher pressure system - like NASCAR? Do tell. I've been in the "Skunk-Works" working front uprights, so can't share that. Cheers - Jim
  4. phantomjock

    Uncle Paul's C3

    I'll add; your COMPLETE documentation of each step is something that you won't see on other forums. I try, and some of the others on here as well. Something special about this site. I'm trying to do similar with my work on our camper van upgrades on a Class B forum, but so few folks post...
  5. phantomjock

    Plastic Fantastic 2

    Good review of what you found that works and what wasn't. Thanks. Will you put it on a Dyno - or just "Butt-Feel?"
  6. phantomjock

    Plastic Fantastic 2

    I was late to the meet. Did you get any track time? Anybody nearby there have parts? Not familiar with the Optima - would they let you "rejoin - are are you dun?
  7. phantomjock

    Plastic Fantastic 2

    Autocross I have found AX to be "interesting." It is something for a "street-wise" minimum-prepared car. It can let you burn some rubber, feel some handling, meet some great folks and give a hand. But the time on track > seat time, is hardly worth the drive across town - for me. with the race...
  8. phantomjock

    Plastic Fantastic 2

    bobs77vet VA beach - or??
  9. phantomjock

    Plastic Fantastic 2

    WHOOO_HOO! I will be watching if they stream. There is a lot of waiting while you're there - but then for a few moments - LIFE!
  10. phantomjock

    Titan disaster— long article

    Not to mention the "Viewing port" was certified to about 3000 feet... And the pressure cycling of the previous trips did nothing to strengthen the hull. Kinda like a few short-haul aircraft that lost sections of fuselage. Somehow, says a lot about "diversity..."
  11. phantomjock

    New Member

    Cool project. Welcome aboard! Might also check SuperBuickGuy - a well documented build of several 'vettes. What is your objective? Street, show, race? Or, just like building stuff? Cheers - Jim
  12. phantomjock

    Bloverlanding in a Blazer

  13. phantomjock

    Patton Speech to Troops June 5, 1944

    "Millie-Vanillie" - Just do a short read on the nominated replacement - General "CQ" Brown. (aka: General BLM Brown) The UK has undergone a - "Fewer to no whites in their pilot force." Looke for fewer white officers in the US military. Isn't the US Military supposed to reflect the nation...
  14. phantomjock

    C8 Z06

    Congratulations! Its a beauty. Awaiting your track experience (details) compared to the Viper. (y) Cheers - Jim
  15. phantomjock

    Plastic Fantastic 2

    Would an oil pressure accumulator (Accusump/Masterlube/etc) be a quick fix until you get to the oil cooler addition? Maintain pressure in turns, accel/decel. Maybe even set the idle pressure? Just thinkin' Cheers - Jim
  16. phantomjock

    Nouveau membre de FRANCE

    Greetings! Google's best "translation:" Hello everyone Proud owner of a 1975 Corvette C3 Stingray Cabriolet for 8 years. I came across your blog by chance! looking for a tutorial for disassembling the inside of the steering column. I hope to find useful information among you. TwinTurbo...
  17. phantomjock


    Well punctuated: Because Racing!
  18. phantomjock

    I'm NOT a FORD Fan... But Now?

    Well, FORD used to be jokingly referred to as; Found On Road Dead, or Fix Or Repair Daily. Now there might be a new version based on their latest commercial; Forge Our Radical Destiny! Not for me. Wonder how many they will sell? Of course they are also eliminating the AM radio, that...
  19. phantomjock


    Wonder if the "pup" Luigi had to share a bed... At least it wasn't a Birthday - or Anniversary!
  20. phantomjock


    I've been workingh on the new tow-vehicle, but paying attention here too for my next move on the 'vette. The birdcage has been a "sticking point." Not so much weight - but there has to be a way for me to pull some weight and make "it" more useful - in a minimalist approach. And, I'd like to...