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  1. V-Twin

    My newest toy

    Since Marck got himself that 90 vette I couldn't let that slide, had to have one of those C4s myself...and I got a Quasar Blue 91 with a 6 speed manual LOL. Marck is envious as hell because his is a slush box with 2.59 granny gears and mine is a manual with 3.45 gears LOL. His also has export...
  2. V-Twin

    Wanted rear compartment doors

    I am in need of the rear compartment doors (3 door type) I could buy a new set but I have medium saddle carpet and buckskin trim. I have a good frame and hinges, also have the correct carpet pieces but am missing the doors
  3. V-Twin

    anyone with paypal ordering from ecklers???

    I need 1 part from ecklers, it's this I'm not prepared to pay all the extra intl. shipping and handling fees for such a small item so if anyone here is oredering and would be willing to order this for me and chuck it in the mail in an...
  4. V-Twin

    Low fuel light with aftermarket gauges

    I found a neat way to get a working low fuel gauge with aftermarket gauges. All you need is a VDO make point switch, it's from their ocean line series and is part number X10-719-002-037. You can also use it for any other warning light means, switching a light on at a climbing or falling signal...
  5. V-Twin

    Dash vent balls

    Looking for L & R vent ball assemblies. 68-77.
  6. V-Twin

    Converting a mallory distributor to flathead crab style

    To convert a regular dual point, unilite or magnetic breakerless distributor to a flat cap/crab cap you will need the cap (mallory # 221) However, you'll soon realize that the contacts inside the cap are placed on a larger diameter circle than the ordinary cap, so you will need: Mallory # 318...
  7. V-Twin

    The person who did this should be shot :bonkers: :shocking: :eek: :amazed: :surrender: :sick: :flash: :ill: :suicide: :suicide: :suicide:
  8. V-Twin

    TH400 lost 2nd gear

    I have a problem with a TH400. It lost 2nd gear. I already had delayed 1-2 some time when cold and it had a 1-2 sec delay in picking up going from reverse to forward. It has reverse and 1st and 3rd work fine, kickdown freewheels, Engine braking also works in 1st and 2nd. It won't go into 2nd...
  9. V-Twin

    Autometer 5" speedo and tach install

    Here's how I installed the 5" speedo and tach using adapter plates that I had CNC punched off a CAD drawing. I found a drawing somewhere (was it posted by you BBShark?) and my brotehr modelled it in SW. Below is a design drawing off that model, I don't have the original design drawing. The...
  10. V-Twin

    1977 Corvette Pro Touring

    This is the car I'm working on. A 77 Corvette done in pro touring style. The car has a custom built rear coil over suspension with modified trailing arms, aldan eagle adjustable shocks and custom heim jointed camber rods. The car has ACI L88 flares and an effect paint by Standox called...
  11. V-Twin

    Hi All

    Looks like I'm the first :nuts: Anyway, I'm Xander from the Netherlands and I'm working on a 77 Corvette in pro touring style. I'll post a thread in the Project section about it. Cheers! :amused::amused: