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    Valve Train ??

    What does a Stud Girdle do for you? Used in conjunction with guide plates? Stand alone?
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    Front Clip Alignment issues

    OK, so here is where I am: Body back on and shimmed, doors on and shimmed to get back gap approx 1/4" top and a little less at the bottom. I have the hood surround sitting on it but not glued down yet. I have the bolt in the nose in loose, no fenders yet. For some reason the gap at the top on...
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    Body Glue suggestions?

    Looking for a cheaper solution than the 3M 08115 I have been useing, that stuff costs $25 to $40 for a 200ml dual cartrige. I need annother 4 or 5 to get the front clip all back on. I have a Lord Fusor kit (2 cans) but haven't figured out how to apply it yet, I figure its a 1:1 mix, but what to...
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    Paint and Pin Stripe Question

    Car will be Shiney Black eventually after all the sanding, filling, primer and cussing is done. I want pinstripes and am goinging base coat clear coat. Should the pin stripes be applied between the BC/CC? How long do you have between BC and CC? Last time I did one it was lacqure and clear, had...
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    About to start front clip reinstall, need a couple pics

    Hey Guys; Made a little progress, got the hood surround disasembled and the cracks repaired. Bonding strips ready to stick on, 1 new fender and 1 still to strip, no problems there. I cleaned up ann the bonding pieces that form the planum and fender mount pieces in front of the doors, all that is...
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    Bent Spindle??

    I found a problem today on my car. I have been working ona full body off restomod on my 81 after bouncing it off a palm tree, it toook the left front fender, front bumper and bent the lower control arm shaft. I redid all the suapension, straightned the shaft and have everything all back...
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    VBP Bump Steer Kit?

    Anyone know anything about this kit? What are the little triangle brackets with the bolt holes for? I am having a hard time picturing this thing, Anyone have pics of installation?
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    My Version Spreader Bar

    Got busy this weekend. Got the crack in the RR qtr patched, fixed the ground planr for the antenna and mounted the mufflers permanantly/ All that got me to the point of making the Spreader Bar. I think I have looked at every single version there is out there and took ideas from all of them. The...
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    Ready to start some body work

    So I get the Cherry Thread huh? Cool About to start some body work. Whats the best stuff to fix cracks in an SMC body? I am guessing some sort of epoxy with glass fiber, cat hair, whatever pushed into the V-d out crack?