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    Anyone have GM manual for a C4 Corvette?

    As some of you may recall, I have a hotrod '72 with LT1 injection with an HEI up top in back where GOD intended, sparks and water don't mix.....and so the manuals I have looked at say the idle air motor should be set around 35 is all I remember.....if that is % of opening.....sounds...
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    Old Project Revitalized - 56 Track Car

    Way back in early 60's at Univ of Md.....we had a dorm buddy, names HAL....can't recall last we used to call him Sour Kraut.....he was thick German accent......:p:shocking:
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    Literally a fire sale

    the C1 is the one that upsets me the most, my first car was a '60, in '66.....:shocking::crap:
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    LT1 intermittant miss....

    been going on for quite some time now, finally got pissed and a break in the weather to pull it LT injection has an HEI up top and the manifold is highly modified, as a after going all through the ignition I got pissed and decided to swap in went a...
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    69 Corvette Resto Mod from Ukraine

    Looks like you making something grenade proof......:drink:
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    69 Corvette Resto Mod from Ukraine

    I bought my old show car in '95 and some years ago I got a VERY pleasant surprise and actually looked/compared my frame welding up front to some pix of stock shit, and I"m happy as a car accumulates maybe 5000 miles in 2 years, if that hits the freeway maybe once...
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    C3 Headlight Wiring Question

    BTW putting two loads/lights/resistors is series across a given voltage means each load item gets only 1/4 of the original power.....the current to each device is cut by 50%, and so is the voltage......
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    Adjustable Temperature Switch?

    Nah, that insulation just assures a more accurate temp sense of the chilly pipe as it runs near enough to freezing that any lie to the probe by the outside air at near 190f or so will upset the coil temp to maybe freeze up......
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    Ignition Wiring

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    96 Corvette Steering Column in a 68

    ? about ignition lock cylinders......are they the same by chance??I know/think the keys are different....but the lock cyl on my '72 is about worn the hell OUT, and I would like to update to a larger key head (black plastic) as it's easier to find/handle on my silly key fob setup....
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    Radiator trans cooler: Any other uses?

    I don't even bother to cap mine off, ...lazy, I suppose....:zzz:
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    It never ends

    I bought my '72 in '95 and so most all of the repairs/mods like that were done in the first couple of months.....after that the car has been subject of much modifications and upgrades, so much that NOW there is nothing stock, wheels through roof, stem to stern.....:D
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    Marck and his brother.....

    :crutches: that's too bad, be nice to see/hear from he and his brother see the cars/etc.....what ever happened to his C3 twin turbo project??
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    Marck and his brother.....

    I don't see them around here anymore, hope they OK but between them and that C3 project also....what happened??:beer::search:
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    Wiper failure

    IF you messed with engine, there is a black wire that used to go to either a starter mounting bolt, OR bellhousing bolt, and I bet you have it on the battery post terminal on the starter.....common mistake, black wire ground for both the HVAC blower motor and the wiper motor....when I...