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    1981 Big Block for sale

    Shark, the plates worked out very well, once again thanks! I’m selling to pay for an architect I have designing what is hopefully my “retirement” house in CO. It’s far up in the mountains, I’d have to change a lot on this car to be suited for the area, hence the sale.
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    1981 Big Block for sale

    1981 Big Block for sale PRICE DROPI’ve posted about this build on this and other corvette forums over the last few years, there’s a lot about the build process, both the mechanical and the body/paint work. The car does need seat covers and carpet, they’re okay but could certainly be better...
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    Thermatic Fan Controller - Feedback

    Looks good Graig, nice to see the progress!
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    How's Florida in April?

    I’m south of JAX, maybe those of us in FL can meet with you guys at a location that’s “in the middle” somewhere. The Cape, Orlando, even St. Augustine might be good choices. If the timing works, you’re welcome to overnight here, but we have two GSD’s. Not sure how that would work with your...
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    Formerly the guy known as "clutchdust"

    Well, wow. For so many reasons. I’ve not been on here as often as many of you, but have participated when I thought I had something to add to a conversation or idea. I’ve followed Clutchdust/Jen’s posts, threads and comments, like others, and always thought he (in all seriousness should we...
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    T56 install in a '78

    I grew up in Conifer, and went to Evergreen HS, the place isn’t even close to the cool small mountain town it was, it’s sad really. After getting out of the Navy, I went back and worked at Rocky Flats that was between Golden and Boulder, right along the foothills. Beautiful, if you didn’t look...
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    T56 install in a '78

    Yep, me too...I don’t think Jeffco will even allow me to drive through that nut house, I’ll have to go through in the middle of the night with my car when we move!!:drink:
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    T56 install in a '78

    Ha! My brother lives in Bailey and we're going in the next year! Be glad your moving to Park County vs Jefferson County. The property taxes alone are half in Park Co.
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    I'm back

    Welcome back!!
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    My '76 restoration (long post)

    It wasn't the cold that bothered me so much when riding in the winter, it was that slippery crap on the streets!! The sand was bad enough from sanding the roads, but that ice and snow in a turn and be.....exhilarating!!
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    My '76 restoration (long post)

    Yup, whileimatititis!!! Combine that with cabin fever and watch out!! :rofl:
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    happy new year!!!

    Happy New Year everyone!
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    My '76 restoration (long post)

    Nice work, I especially like the electronics effort and the stainless projects! Winter's cold and long in the great white north eh? Seriously though, keep it up, it's coming along!!
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    Rack and pinion - homemade Steeroids with GrandAm rack

    Looks good! I just might wanna do that too! Have to run power though, not sure how I'd eliminate the pump from the serpentine set up if I removed it.
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    Engine upgrade for Blue Angel 69 (part II)

    You don't need a new hood, just a new hole in the one you've got!!!:D