Getting a couple new welders this week!


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Apr 9, 2008
Deatsville, AL
I just ordered the Millermatic 180 for all my stell welding, and a Miller Econotig specificially for the detail stuff, aluminum, and stainless steel.:yahoo:

I have been worrying over this purchase for several months, and decided on the Miller products.

It has been a while since I have welded anything, and my list is HUGE! Now I need to get a bunch of scrap steel and practice.
Can't go wrong with a Miller :D

I bought a Miller 185 about 9 years ago........very pleased and still going strong. :thumbs:

Alabaster...........:) Your not very far away at all. :drink:
I also bought a Miller 185 about 7 years ago. Best investment I could have made. This thing is a work horse without equal for the money I spent. I also have a Miller plasma cutter that has saved me a lot of time and money.
Ive got a miller 252 mig and a old used miller 330 amp TIG in the shop, the migs only a year old, I bought it when it was first announced, the TIGS at least 20 years old but still running just fine, the shop I bought it from had upgraded to a more modern tig design, but looking the old TIG unit over I doubt it got used much
The Millermatic 180 is a MIG welder. It will weld up to 5/16" mild steel. I only bought mild steel rolls for it. The Econotig is rated at 165 amp AC for aluminum and 160 amp DC for stainless and mild steel. I bought stainless, aluminum, and mild steel rods for it. The TIG has the A/C D/ C Foot controller with it.

I bougth a medium duty torch kit for all my cutting needs, but it is a little bit messy, so I broke down and bought a Miller Spectrum 375 Plasma Cutter. Man, this thing is cool! It will cut up to 3/8" thick mild steel and stainless as well as 1/4" aluminum.

The guy at the welding supply house REALLY likes me now.
The guy at the welding supply house REALLY likes me now.

yeah! MY local MILLER DEALER ,gets that stupid grin that says
"here we go,... I get to close early after he leaves, he always loads up the truck with stuff on these visits"

those $65-$129 spools of mig wire, $50-$89 packs of tig rods, $40 tank refils ETC. add up, but DAMN! its nice to have the option to fabricate & repair & modify parts at will
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