1982 Chevrolet Corvette

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The modifications done are quite extensive, the car was designed for maximum handling. For this purpose the frame was extensively modified and a roll cage was installed. The front and rear suspension are completely redesigned. All 4 corners now have

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The modifications done are quite extensive, the car was designed for maximum handling. For this purpose the frame was extensively modified and a roll cage was installed. The front and rear suspension are completely redesigned. All 4 corners now have coil over shocks and double a arm suspension. The roll center has been lowered in the rear to reduce the jacking effect, a penalty is a slightly increased tendency to roll but the center of gravity is lowered as well. Because this results in more weight transfer being put into the tires much wider wheels and tires are fitted.
The stock steering system, consisting of an ancient design recirculating ball steering box and a separate assist cylinder and sloppy switching valve was removed and a custom front steering end take off rack and pinion designed and constructed.
Originally the car was an automatic which had to go, no self respecting race car has an automatic. Being in the Netherlands it's quite a task getting your hands on a manual box, a ZF-6 speed (S6-40) from a 92 C4 Corvette came upon my path and I decided to install that one. The needed modifications for it were quite extensive.
A full 5 stage dry sump system is fitted to the engine, this significantly complicates the entire engine plumbing and a space for the dry sump tank is not easily found, especially since it's a 5 Gallon tank. I decided it had to go behind the seats because that's the only room I had left. There was no room left under the rear body because the stock tank was replaced by a massive 32 Gallon ATL Fuel Cell.
The current list of modifications is
Full tilt front end, front clip, nose and hood bonded together.
Custom tilt front hinging system w/ gas struts
Lokar throttle cable modified to function as hood release cable
L88 headlamps/buckets (in progress)
Aluminium front scoop/trough for coolers & intercoolers
Custom tubular front frame extension with hinge mounting points
Custom "spreader bar"
Frame severely modified for coil over susp. & front steering R&P
Frame fully welded through, gusseted and reinforced
Custom cleaned and shaved firewall, modified in several areas for clearance
Fluidyne monster radiator and engine oil cooler
C&R remote oil filter mount with adjustable cooler bypass
C&R thermostat housing with valves for external heater/cooler
Fluidyne power steering cooler
Pole Position upper control arms with solid bushings, fully adjustable
Adjustable monoball upper balljoint
home built lower control arm with Herb Adams solid bushings
Carrera custom valved dyno tuned coil over shocks w/ hyperco springs
modified steering arms (ackerman adjustment)
Appleton end take of front steering rack and pinion. billet housing w/ external servo
home built steering shaft setup w/ sweet u joints
lots of 1/2" 5/8" and 3/4" aurora rod ends
KRC aluminium power steering pump w/ aluminium bracket
Stefs reservoirs and catch cans (several)
Revolution RFX 3pc modular race wheels
Wilwood Integra 6 piston calipers w/ recirculator tubes
DPI sure stop recirculator
Behr Intercoolers with Carbon end tanks
RaceLine remote oil pressure regulator
2 Diamond racing oil temp ports/y blocks
Moroso 2qt accusump
Barnes scavenge/return oil filter w/ billet roll cage mounts
CV Products lightweight pulleys
Stock Car Products 5 stage dry sump pump w/ barnes gilmer pulley and scavenge manifold
Stefs 5 port dry sump oil pan
5 moroso scavenging filters
Full flow starlite swivel end scavenge hoses
2 3x16AN bulkhead plates (for dry sump return & vent lines)
CV Products -20 an water neck w/ temp ports
Aluminium adams water pump
Powermaster mini alternator
Billet aluminium alternator mount
Tilton XLT starter
Milodon Gear Drive
Trick Flow alu G1 heads w/ stainless valves
Hardland Sharp roller rockers
JE 22cc dished forged pistons
Carillo 6" rods
Eagle crank
Del West gilmer drive/crank pulley setup
Hastings moly rings
Clevity 77 bearings
Glyptal thoughout engine
All engine fasteners ARP studs & bolts
ARP flywheel bolts and bellhousing studs
Aeromotive A2000 fuel pressure regulator
custom fuel line setup
2 rotomaster t04b turbos
2 rotomaster 3 port adjustable race gates
custom log manifolds
Percys alu exh. gaskets
C4 perimeter bolt magnesium valve covers (nothing else fits )
custom 3" stainless downpipes
4 dellorto DHLA45M tri jet carbs
Custom 1 off cross ram manifold
Barnes oil filter pad adapter (dry sump)
Crane fireball + TRC-2 boost retard control
Mallory unilite distributor
Carbon fiber pedals
ZF6 speed transmission
LT5 clutch setup
C10 clutch master
ZF6 clutch slave
C4 4+3 flywheel
Custom remote reservoir
Custom stainles shard/braided line
TH400 yoke
3" diameter 1350 driveshaft
3" telescopic 1350 halfshafts
Custom transmission crossmember and tailshaft mount
FloJet electric oil pump (trans cooling)
Fluidyne trans cooler
Full autometer ultra lite gauges (I think I have 16 in total) incl. 200 mph speedo and 10K redline tach
Home built lightweight aluminium rear view mirror
C4 Super Dana 44 differential (early model "beefy" case) w/ custom pinion mount and cooler setup
Stock Car products single stage rear end pump
Fluidyne rear end oil cooler
Home built fully adjustable double a arm rear suspension & uprights
Stewart Lock resistant brake valve
Patterson 5 gal. dry sump tank w/ external heater blanket and 2 internal heater plugs
Wilwood IR-GT4 calipers
SX fuel pump, indicating filter & pre filter
ATL 32 gallon fuel cell with custom frame
ATL discriminator valve
ATL pickup box w/ 2 trap doors, -10 pickup
ATL 0-90 fuel level sender
Full 5/8" fuel line (hard line & Aeroquip flex)
Full stainless -3 & -4 AN brake hard lines, custom bent.
L88 flares
Full 12 pnt rollcage w/ swingout bars
Kirkey 58 series ultra light seats
All Aeroquip and XRP hose & hose ends throughout the car.
Custom battery box w/ Optima gel battery
Custom electrical system
Aluminium floors (work in progress)
Speedglass rear window (still have to buy this one...need to confirm is part # = for bubble glass but summit has not answered my emails)
BFG G-Force T/A race tires

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