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  1. denpo

    Window glass adjustement, looking for some references.

    Hi Guys. I'm currently adjusting my windows, and I'd like to know how a particular area of your Vette looks like so I can compare. Here's the pic: You're looking at the top front corner of the driver side window, seen from outside. You see the gap highlighted in red? How it is on your Vette...
  2. denpo

    4 Xmass

  3. denpo

    Alternative brake booster

    Since I will eventually put an LS engine with an rather stockish cam, I will get decent vacuum and be able to get rid of the hydroboost. In that context i was wondering if there was a better option than the stock booster. I'm thinking about something smaller to allow better maintenance, and...
  4. denpo

    76 Mazda RX-5 Cosmo restomod project on Youtube

    You may not like the car or find the guy dorky, but you got to admit he's pretty determined: 7 years in the making and 40 videos to count. The video are of descent quality and he let us see a lot of the process. I've seen worst way to waste some time. 1st episode...
  5. denpo

    Shop tour video

    Look like there is such a thing as video of people showing off their shop. There is a subreddit that collect them all : Not all are garage, there is also woodshop and others, but still a good source of entertainment/inspiration for bored gearheads.
  6. denpo

    An (IMHO) tastefully modded C4
  7. denpo

    Game for gearhead

    Looks like someone actually made one finally. It's called Automation car company tycoon. I don't know much of the game, but this video shows a gameplay people here could appreciate. The game in on the "early access" Steam library, meaning the game is...
  8. denpo

    WTB LS engine fasteners

    I'm missing a couple of fasteners for my engine build : -Lifter tray bolts -Windage tray nuts -Steam cross tube bolts. -oil pickup bolt. Too cold up here to go scavenge the scrapyard, let me know if you can help me move forward before snow melt. Thanks
  9. denpo

    Good side about Topology If you like Computation Fluid Dynamic and structural strength, you may find useful stuff here. I stumbled upon it while reading about the Tesla valve, but unsurprisingly there is a lot of chassis stiffness related articles. It's all about making things light and...
  10. denpo

    Budget LS-like rebuild base : LQ4 or LH6

    Let's say you plan building a Gen3+ engine on a shoestring budget from a scrapyard truck engine. Would you go for a 5.3L Aluminum LH6 (LH8, LH9,LC9) or a 6.0L Iron LQ4(LQ9) engine?
  11. denpo

    Balwin Motion Phase III back window question

    Does anybody know which kind of weatherstrip have been used for the back window mod : I read somewhere the window was from a Monza, so I looked for Vega Weatherstrip, but couldn't find image of the profile. My own mod will use a custom shaped window, so I'll have to resort to universal...
  12. denpo

    Help me install this weatherstrip part

    I'm currently test fitting all my weatherstrip, and there is one part that's been bugging me for a couple of day : I know it's an extension to the windshield pillar weatherstrip, and I've...
  13. denpo

    Good deal for a future mod?

    Let me know guys what you think
  14. denpo

    Lego corvette C3
  15. denpo

    Brainstorming a vented rear bumper cover

    As the summer come and go, it seems less and less likely that my car would hit the paint booth this year. The flares are a couple of days away from completed but I still have the rear window mod on my list. So, considering I may have one more winter to spend on the body, I'm starting to list...
  16. denpo

    Novel heatsink design

    Their heatsink design claim to be 50 time greater that conventional finned heatsink I know it's computer stuff, but I dare to think a car is always in need for more efficient cooling, to may end up in a vehicle of yours in the near future.
  17. denpo

    gas turbine motorcycle build thread

    Guy build everything from scratch, document the whole process
  18. denpo

    Affordable thermal imaging 350$ iPhone5 addon. I assume some would find this handy in their garage.
  19. denpo

    Quickest frame off ever!
  20. denpo

    Ford's new tech: variable ratio steering A gearbox in the steering.