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  1. JPhil

    FIA headlights: Opinions

    I don't usually ask others opinions about things I want to do, but in this case I will. I am considering going to the fixed FIA style headlights. Pros: -Delete a f**king complicated vacuum circuit. -Ability to quickly flash my lights when needed. -Remove 25+ pounds of weight from the car...
  2. JPhil

    Another look what I saw today!

    The real Wienermobile! You just cannot help but laugh and smile around this car.
  3. JPhil

    Look what I saw...

    ...yesterday on a fire safety inspection. 1966 "Kelsa Asta": 60 made, 23 survive. Small block Chevy, 4 speed, solid axle, built for racing. I looked it up on the internet but found nothing at all, although I'd swear I've seen a picture of one before. I recognize that rear quarter, the top...
  4. JPhil

    Thinking about a shift light

    So I'm thinking about a shift light for my TKO600. I don't want a regular 3/4" diameter one mounted on the dash board like my drag racer buddies have. My idea is a subtle little LED light under the hood, in the windshield wiper tray. Doesn't need to be obnoxiously bright and I want it to only...
  5. JPhil

    My buddy's baby swamper truck

    This is my friend's little 'swamper truck'. He lives in a very small mountain town and built it to do various light work around the town. It is (I believe) an S10 chassis. Saturday we went and pulled down an old tree that was about to fall across the road and then cut it up and put the pieces...
  6. JPhil

    Proper tire pressure

    Does anyone have a method for determining proper tire pressures when changing to a different wheel/tire set up? Like for given axle weight and specific wheel & tire size & type, a tire pressure of X psi for a starting point? I've been running 28 PSI in my 255/50 17" Nitto Invos, which feels...
  7. JPhil

    Digital Corvettes hacked

    I just got this on my work e-mail, thought I'd pass it along...... Notice of Data Breach You may have heard reports recently about a security issue involving VerticalScope. We would like to make sure you have the facts about what happened, what information was involved, and the steps we are...
  8. JPhil

    Figuring camber change

    I am now exploring suspension mods to improve my handling, notably figuring out proper camber change both front and rear. I am reading a lot but still confused about a lot of things. Yesterday as I reassembled my passenger side rear trailing arm after replacing the wheel bearings, I did a...
  9. JPhil

    Suck, squeeze, bang, blow

    Inside the combustion chamber of a flathead engine at 1000 frames per second
  10. JPhil

    I have a busted nose

    This winter's project, repair this. My idea is to fashion a piece of wood to fit behind the nose and glass it in place with mat & resin. But how do I repair the cracks with a suitable material that will not just crack again? What material would that be? It is the original urethane bumper. And I...
  11. JPhil

    1988 Pikes Peak Hillclimb

    "Climb Dance" Ranks right up there with "Rendezvous" for a POV driving flick. On dirt, no high tech stuff.
  12. JPhil

    Dist cap & rotor deposit build up

    I have a problem with my distributor cap & rotor building up deposits of crap which interferes with the spark. Every thousand miles or so I have to pull off the cap and scrape it and the rotor because the idle gets lumpy, and replace them every 2 or 3 thousand miles which is more often than it...
  13. JPhil

    What is this?

    Under my dash, spliced onto the brake light switch wires. (The brown cylinder with black tape on on the left.) Printed on it is "MGT 105 .47 MFD 200 V.D.C. +- 10%". A radio interference capacitor? I have no radio. There is no interference capacitor on the OEM wire provided for that...
  14. JPhil

    Starter solenoid wiring question

    I'm installing my new TKO 600, replacing the TH400. The neutral safety switch on the TKO is on the back of the tranny, whereas the TH400 one was on the shifter quadrant in the console. The OEM wiring to it is 12 gauge, the TKO switch has what looks to be 14 or possibly even 16 gauge wire to it...
  15. JPhil

    Radar detectors......

    It occurs to me this might be a good time to install a radar detector "while I'm at it." I know nothing about them except they supposedly go beep to tell you you're about to get a ticket in a few seconds. But maybe it'll give me a chance to back off and only get 6 pointer instead of another 12...
  16. JPhil

    Johnny-bilt hand crank "starter" motor

    I need to index my bellhousing for my new TKO600 with the engine in the car. Yeah it would have easier to do when the engine was out but oh well. My SFI rated bellhousing does not have an inspection cover to put a flywheel wrench on. Turning the engine over by the front pulley nut with a socket...
  17. JPhil

    Dyno comparisons

    I'm going to start a dyno comparison thread of my car. I just got the new 383 back yesterday. We ran it on the engine dyno. Soon as I get it installed I'll take it back and put it on the chassis dyno and post those numbers. Then next year when I change out the TH400 to the TKO600, I'll post...
  18. JPhil

    Conquest photo test

    Here's a photo test to see if I can now download pictures. This car showed up in my buddies shop one day. Turns out it had just been purchased by a local man from Barret Jackson Here's the BJ link. Sure was a sweet little ride...
  19. JPhil

    TKO600 OD question

    I think I have no choice now but to swap out my TH400 auto for a TKO 5 speed manual. I'm concerned about the overdrive ratios so I'd like to ask you guys your opinions. With my 3.36 rear end ratio, at 75 MPH I'm turning 3100 RPM now. With .82 OD, I'll be turning 2540 RPM, a difference of 558...
  20. JPhil

    Brake bleeding question

    Just got done replacing the front hard lines. I did not replace the hard lines from the master cylinder to the distribution block, or any of the hard lines to the back end. Did not replace the flex hoses to the wheels, they are VBP rubber lines about 8 years old, as are the calipers and the rear...