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    CTS aka Britney Spears

    There shpuld have been ine on the driveshaft. The t56 uses a normal slip style yoke with a giubo on it. I have 2 gto t56s both have ut
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    Bleeding an Internal Hydraulic Throwout Bearing

    Thats how I do it when in the car. Theres bubbles when pushing slow abd fast, the slow is to get the thing partialky filled and oumping ut fast will pull the last remaining bubbles with it
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    CTS aka Britney Spears

    Its called a giubo and c5s up ctsv anything with a tr6060 (camaro) etc uses it. Mercedes bmw etc have been using them since forever
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    Plastic Fantastic 2

    That looks like pier paolos irs
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    Bleeding an Internal Hydraulic Throwout Bearing

    No its not the same. The easiest way is to bleed the clutch master seperately. The hydro is easiest bled off the car but can be done in if you hook a long bleeder line to it. The bleed should come out on top of the hydro. Just push fluid through the bottom line or suck via the top. Off the...
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    ******Future of Vettemod*******

    Hi all.I'll try to pop in more oftenIf you want to see what were doing @maxcoperformance on insta.If you need any lsx ltx assistance or anything else just ask. We do everything in house.
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    Holley 4150 troubleshoot and tune questions

    Did you use a 7.5 pv? Transfer slots squared? Pv linkage adjusted correctly?
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    Ncrs Shirts & Stickers

    still selling them? mine are all stained LOL I need fresh ones
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    Rear Brakes and Suspension.....Done!

    older viper axles use the 1350 joints, the later stuff uses CV joints. Time to keep an eye out for slome viper shafts then. My 87 camaro is pretty much done as is my 82 trans am. Time to get back on the vette
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    Rear Brakes and Suspension.....Done!

    I'll have to look into those dodge axles, how much did you shorten them? MY suspension is out by almost 2 inches
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    Brakes, HBoost/aluminum m/cyl....

    warped rotors?, MC leaking internally?
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    Rear Brakes and Suspension.....Done!

    that's beautiful. Where did you get the slip shafts?
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    Paint chip chart.
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    Rear suspension geometry

    yes, you can use longer heim ended rods, the angle between the 2 gives you your virtual instant center (where the 2 lines cross), which is a dynamoc point and changes with suspension travel (depending on angle and location of frame bracket in relation to rear knuckle) You can taylor your anti...
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    Posting pictures

    up top, image hosting -> upload picture, when in your pic gallery copy the BB codelike thisgives