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  1. BBShark

    Some interesting metal working tools

    That's nuts. I can't figure out how they make the welds on regular, garden variety headers!
  2. BBShark

    Rear Brakes and Suspension.....Done!

    I was able to get about an inch between the cable and line. That should work but, that is something I will keep an eye on.
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  4. BBShark

    Finally in for paint (after 18 years)

    Nice, I'm right behind you. Hope to get in paint this fall.
  5. BBShark

    2010-2015 Camaro mirrors

    I haven't done it but most modern rear view mirrors would probably have limited visibility (because they are too close to the door).
  6. BBShark

    780 Holley rebuild by Lars

    Looks brand new!
  7. BBShark

    Old Project Revitalized - 56 Track Car

    Wow. Nice work. And, thanks for posting the process. Very informative.
  8. BBShark

    Another money pit

    That's some pretty tight packaging there. Looks good.
  9. BBShark

    New member from Down Under

    Welcome to VetteMOD!
  10. BBShark

    Late Model C3 - Is the Blower Fan on Low anytime key is on?

    I figured this out! So, the fan is on anytime the ignition switch is on, even when OFF. Found a switch position that feeds voltage to the other switch positions. Put a relay on that and turned the fan OFF when OFF! This is the kind of stuff that causes serial delays in actually putting this...
  11. BBShark

    C6Z B92 Carbon Hood

    Nice find, that's an impressive piece.
  12. BBShark

    Internal Body Aerodynamics

    Animagraffs has a lot of "how stuff works" 3D videos. How a F1 car works to how a P51 Mustang works. Another Youtube channel that is similar is Real Engineering.
  13. BBShark

    Late Model C3 - Is the Blower Fan on Low anytime key is on?

    I did find that some people were complaining that the air box (inside the engine compartment) picks up heat from the exhaust manifold. I have a big block car and the headers actually burned a hole in the box. When I put the car back together, I used an AC box from an 81. No way to fit it with...
  14. BBShark

    Late Model C3 - Is the Blower Fan on Low anytime key is on?

    I'm OK with the fan being on low when you select a mode like heat or vent, etc. But I don't get why it's ON low when it's in the OFF position. I have no idea what the logic/advantage is there. Yeah, the wiper setup is nuts. I use 2 switches, 1 on/off and 2 momentary. I don't really see...
  15. BBShark

    Amazing XKE Restomod - "Interior Panels" Update 2/12/23

    Interior Independent rear suspension and boot panels These panels were cut from 1/16" sheet aluminum. The section covering the IRS will be removable for brake servicing. The panel on the driver's side in the boot area will be made removable for servicing the fuel tank while the passenger side...
  16. BBShark

    Late Model C3 - Is the Blower Fan on Low anytime key is on?

    I converted my HVAC system with parts from a 79. This included a new, stand alone 1979 AC wiring harness. I am working on the console now. So, a couple of days ago I tested this setup. It seems to work but, anytime the key is on the blower fan is on at low speed. I went over the wiring...
  17. BBShark

    72 LT-1

    Been a long time but, I think the EGR valve on the intake controls this? There is a vacuum line to the EGR. Maybe remove that and see if that fixes it.
  18. BBShark

    C3/4/5 frankenstein frame

    Lots of very cool toys! What's next for the Vette?
  19. BBShark

    Amazing XKE Restomod - "Interior Panels" Update 2/12/23

    Prepping for interior work: The last items to install while the car is still on the chassis table, are the two floor pans under the seats. I'm holding off on these because with no floor, I can stand up in the car to do interior work such as dash fabrication, A/C controls and wiring. The car...
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