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  1. phantomjock

    Plastic Fantastic 2

    Add a bit of Chaparral action to the idea... put 2 3000 cfm fans on the backside of your radiator to help straighten the flow. Then you have a "plausible" reason for the vanes/ductwork too. if the radiator is in a bottom sucker position -- all the better I'd think. Can't say how much to gain...
  2. phantomjock

    Plastic Fantastic 2

    SBG -Thanks for the links - looks like you're right on the brake cooling NACA duct in the roof - not a wing section. Nice optical illusion and willingness to "believe." Now, I've got some sketching to do...Cheers - Jim
  3. phantomjock

    Plastic Fantastic 2

    SBG - WOW! THANKS!The lower right image - as you show, is the exact embodiment of what I was trying to share on the other thread. Thanks for saving me trying to draw it out! [Link to thread:]An airfoil attached...
  4. phantomjock

    Weight reduction: Running out of ideas.

    Maybe a Race-Technology DL-1 with a Dash unit, MoTec, or AimMXL dash? If you have electronic sensors they almost might be plug and play. I just weighed my RT dash & main module. Wait for it... 15.8 ounces. Dump the entire stock dash and replace with only what you need. Oh, but there is an...
  5. phantomjock

    Plastic Fantastic 2

    I've looked to find - but haven't yet, the orientation of the Avanti radiator. It had a catfish (bottom feeder) intake, and it is unclear where the waste heat (through the radiator) went. No gills, no over-hood exit, maybe just drag in the engine bay? The underside of the engine bay was wide...
  6. phantomjock

    Plastic Fantastic 2

    There have been more than a couple of engine bay and radiator placement/orientation studies. Here are a couple figures to see if these help: This one focused on inlet blades and exhaust through a vertical radiator:NOTE: Exits 4 and 5 had a belly pan - you have mentioned - yes?This study...
  7. phantomjock

    Internal Body Aerodynamics

    Too cold to spray some paint outside just now, so I did a check on fans, CFM and prices. Bezos has a couple on offer; This one is 320 CFM and just under $70:The inline fan is less output, 270 CFM but 1/2 price at about $35.00: TI'd expect if you just wanted to test the concept, could...
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  12. phantomjock

    Internal Body Aerodynamics

    69427 -I appreciate the chance to offer a few ideas on your plan. While I don't as of yet have a "up-and-running" 'vette - I soon will, and these aero questions are always welcome diversions and considerations for my build. No doubt this is your concern:The gurney should be helpful in...
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  20. a-pillar deflector idea.jpg

    a-pillar deflector idea.jpg

    A-pillar to increase pressure at base of windscreen