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    Misc Vintage Racing Clips

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    Misc Vintage Racing Clips

    Mostly c1 race cars. Lots of period correct mods. The driver position appears to be set back in a few.
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    C4 suspension LCA mounting method change?

    “ So, any comments/advice on the safety aspects of rewelding and gusseting the stock aluminum struts? Or should I just hope that the tube/Heim setup is lighter, and let the weight issue trump the appearance issue?”You can buy chrome moly tubing kits with the heims, threaded inserts, and...
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    ******Future of Vettemod*******

    Well, you seem to be satisfied with the transition. So that is a good thing. Thanks for your efforts over the years.
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    Plastic Fantastic 2

    You mentioned h-pipe. Those work, but apparently not as good as x. But x with sidepipes is not really feasible.Go look on YouTube at helmholtz resonator or 1/4 wavelength tubes. You might even be able to mount them inside. That is what corsa does ($$$$). They really work, test cells use...
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    Don’t see these much anymore

    I was going to put these in the weight loss thread, but didn’t want to mess up 69427’s thread. :)This was on marketplace for $5000 the other day. 2000lbs is my guess. 1980 vette.Looks like fun (but dangerous).Buy, 5000$ corvette, sell $2500 worth of parts, drive like you stole...
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    Weight reduction: Running out of ideas.

    At 4:30 they make a new windshield from polycarbonate/lexan and save 12 lbs.Lexan will bend in 2d with no heat. Curvature looks similar to c3.
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    pulling heads

    Pulling engine alone, bb or sb, is pretty straight forward. One of those tilting assemblies for a shop hoist are useful.
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    Where Can I Get 3/4" Cup Seals?

    McMaster shows them going down to .375” (rod and piston cup seals). Maybe the wrong styles, I don’t know. Google shows lots of potential companies.Good luck.
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    Plastic Fantastic 2

    This is pretty old, hence the paperback sells for under 20$.Theory of Wing Sections: Including a Summary of Airfoil Data Book by Albert Edward Von Doenhoff and Ira AbbottThe manufacturer data mfain refers to above would be better and account for the angle of attack variation in the wing...
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    Plastic Fantastic 2

    This guy has some aero upgrades. His wing is high, and is a ht convert. A typical c3 t top car would probably need the wing a bit higher due to dirty air from roof.’ll need a dc login.Aren’t most auto-x...
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    Some interesting metal working tools
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    Misc Vintage Racing Clips

    Cheating, granted it is nascar, but still a form of road racing.The last guy describes it like an addiction:).
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    Old Project Revitalized - 56 Track Car

    Looks nice. I’d like to do a “poor man’s” version of this with a c3, an Ohio Crankshaft alum 540, a gforce 4 speed, and of course much poorer workmanship ( mine that is). :) We will see what happens.
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    Plastic Fantastic 2

    You probably already thought of this. Just a suggestion, do a before and after with the db meter. That might give you a good idea of the db drop.One other suggestion, devise a method of slipping some extra baffles or a mini glass pack in the outlet of the side pipe in case you are just over...
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    Plastic Fantastic 2

    “ ended the thread on CF, so I'm sure that's the end of that... ”Well, that is a different crowd over there. I’m not surprised you packed it up.Looking forward to PF3.Interested in how your new mufflers work. I tried using a video camera once to compare before and after and it failed...
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    Misc Vintage Racing Clips
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    Misc Vintage Racing Clips

    More nascar and Indy content, but I thought this was pretty informative. Lots of cgi, but fairly well done.
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    ******Future of Vettemod*******

    Good luck. I can’t offer any advice, but maybe some one else can.Thanks for keeping it going.
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    General question: how hard is grafting/bolting newer subframes into C3s?

    I have been looking at Howe racing chassis slightly used. They pop up pretty reasonable. I think some guys on cf have been using these.I probably will stick with oem frame and stay old school.