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  1. phantomjock

    Read this recently....

    Ya made me LOOK! The So-Called GT Tail must be referring to the rear deck spoiler. In 1974, both front and rear bumpers were urethane - so there was a "roll-off" on the rear deck. No spoiler/lip = Gt Tail. Mystery solved? Cheers - Jim
  2. phantomjock

    Internal Body Aerodynamics

    Just caught up - the Body Roll/Aero has some similarly good info. It lays out many of the transitions that occur in a corner and the impact on body/internal aero and handling. I was reminded of the quick quote: If it can't roll it won't turn. It can only skate sideways, Until tires reach the...
  3. phantomjock

    Internal Body Aerodynamics

    What this team has used is "Intuitive Aero Development." When you "go with the flow" there is a lot you can see and improve. Each of these improvements are readily applied to the C-3s. This is a good video introduction to anyone that thinks it is all "Black Magic" and requires a huge...
  4. phantomjock

    Internal Body Aerodynamics

    There is a lot of interesting "stuff" happening in the Ferrari 396 video. Interestingly you can get smoke to streamline - but it gets all "messed up downstream - your guess may be correct - CFD adapted to a very high end graphic. Anyway here are my observations: The Yellow Streamline...
  5. FERRARI 296 FLOW.jpg

    FERRARI 296 FLOW.jpg

  6. FERRARI 396 Hood Exit.jpg

    FERRARI 396 Hood Exit.jpg

  7. G296-2.jpg


  8. FERRARI 296 front fender exit.jpg

    FERRARI 296 front fender exit.jpg

  9. FERRARI 396 Rear Deck.jpg

    FERRARI 396 Rear Deck.jpg

  10. phantomjock

    Plastic Fantastic 2

    Fix the rear notch back. Or, try running with an open rear window. And long as you have to have the side windows open may as well get some ventilation. :) Seriously, incorporating the spoiler mount into the already mounted wing base plates is a real good idea. You'll get a very variable...
  11. phantomjock

    New member

    Welcome aboard! You'll find a fair number of "NCRS" members here: Not Correctly Restored Stingray! Cheers - Jim
  12. phantomjock

    Misc Vintage Racing Clips

    Thanks. Both the C3s cornered very flat - nice setups. Expect the purple/white would be happier with a bit of splitter - or at least a replica Indy front-end, but alas probably not period piece. The C2s looked better on track than the Mustangs. More to digest there if some data were...
  13. phantomjock

    Internal Body Aerodynamics

    Guess I should get the 48x32x18 CNC I build out of the attic. Too bad I pulled all the electronics and servo/steppers. It would be a project unto itself! Not what I need, I am updating a new tow vehicle. If you go this route - use a ShopVac (he has one) with a check valve - no hand pump...
  14. phantomjock

    Long Overdue Progress!

    I will be very interested in seeing that finish - in several kinds of light if I may. It would be more "custom" and less Batmobile for my build. ... but then again, maybe I am Batman?! Cheers - Jim
  15. phantomjock

    Plastic Fantastic 2

    DO THAT! And then you will have created a niche market. You could be a "made to order" airfoil section manufacturer. Load up the section, cut the parts - ship them off. Nice. Print/Cut on demand. Minimal inventory. Should be easy to do some CFD of just the foil section. All the...
  16. phantomjock

    Craigslist killed the newspaper

    The only value I find in FB is the Marketplace, and a few groups that have similar interests. Flyers/racers/etc. So why did Elon fire the staff?! FAT! (and some MANY bad actors too,,,) Thin the organization - if Craigslist can do it? Same in D.C. Too much overhead and FAT! (and MANY, MANY...
  17. phantomjock

    Old Project Revitalized - 56 Track Car

    Pappy - I "shoot" my PVA using a Prevailer setup. It is small and usually just the right size and one less gun to clean. For the big parts I do use the compressor and guns. Using a spray application for the PVA keeps from lifting the wax. You knew that, but others here ready to practice...
  18. phantomjock

    68 Body on 69 Frame - Door / Body / Frame alignment

    I'll say "Welcome Aboard!" - and sorry I can't help you (from experience) with your question. [But I'll make an educated guess - Maybe] Your thought of putting the birdcage down "to spec" might have some help to the door fit. The birdcage recall is pretty "flimsy" unless it is a coupe with a...
  19. phantomjock

    Old Project Revitalized - 56 Track Car

    A good substitute for end plates on the splitter. Nice move Pappy.