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  1. BBShark

    Electric emergency brake system

    I thought about it. Sure would clean up the console area. $550 for the E-stop is nuts. You could do it easy for less than $100.
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    Misc Vintage Racing Clips

    #5 is a 1970 LT-1 but the video shows a 1974 or later car.
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    Mounting Tires...

    Wow! That is a lousy way to go.
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    Some interesting metal working tools

    It's always a good feeling when you can fix something (rather than buy new). Good info
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    Manual window rebuild kit

    I don't want anything for the parts. It's just extra stuff that I have. All the tracks, arms, latches etc. Looks like you need the rollers and wear parts. You can get them from Keen Corvette, they are in Cleves not to far from me and it's a store so you can ask them what you need. They...
  6. BBShark

    Manual window rebuild kit

    Steve, I have tons of door parts if you need anything.Lots if not all is available new. I bought brand new window regulators instead of trying to refurbish the old ones. Here is a picture I found with all the parts listed.
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    Don’t see these much anymore

    Looks like it's still available. I'm kind of surprised. It will be interesting to see what happens with collector car prices with the current economic slide we are on. And, the aging of the current population of buyers.
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    Radiator Fan Control, Off When not Running

    I would like to turn my radiator fans off (even when hot) when the engine is not running. Thought about putting them on a pressure switch but I'm not sure how long it takes, after the car is turned off, to bleed down. Trying to keep the fans from coming on at the same time when restarting...
  9. BBShark

    Where Can I Get 3/4" Cup Seals?

    I am working on something (not car related) and I need to find 3/4" cup seals like are used in master cylinders. I could get a rebuild kit if I knew an old car that had 3/4 inch seals. Mcmaster sells these but nothing below 1 1/2"
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    ******Future of Vettemod*******

    Vettemod is now 13+ years old. With age, problems crop up.GoDaddy is going to migrate VM to new servers next month. Unfortunately, the version of Vbulletin used for this forum is obsolete and cannot be upgraded (because of some other programing issues). This is compounded by my complete...
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    Cool "How a F1 Car Works" Video

    Haven't followed F1 for a wile but I just watched this animation. It's covers everything, aero, cooling, power, suspension, brakes, etc. Since its an animation, the car can be taken apart, exploded view, systems view, airflow....
  12. BBShark

    Amazing Metalwork - XKE Restomod - Update 4/25/22

    I saw this build and was amazed at the meticulous and well thought out process of Restomodding an XKE. This is the best documented build of any car I have ever seen. More to come!Owner: Ken Hiebert City: Toronto, CanadaCar Model: 1965 Jaguar E-Type FHCEngine: 2002 GM LS1 V8Cooling...
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    Ride Height with Fiberglass Leaf Spring

    I have installed a VBP Dual Mount spring (front and rear) on my car. When I installed it, I set the ride height at a predetermined position. This was done with the weight of the car resting on platforms with a polyethylene slip sheet on top so the tires would be able to move laterally with...
  14. BBShark

    2023 Corvette LT6 Engine

    I heard about this new Z06 on the news. The reporting sort of made it sound like GM is wasting it's time developing internal combustion engines (when they should be building electric).Who's the first to put this in an old Camaro...
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    Classic car Junkyard for sale

    Here you go. Classic car Junkyard for sale:Parts & Project Cars & Trucks 1920's-80's 100's of Cars - $987,654 (Great Bend, KS)
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    Reading Throttle Position Sensor Voltage

    I have a GM throttle body that has a Throttle Position Sensor (TPS). In order to set the position of the throttle (at idle) you are supposed to read the voltage at 2 of the three pins. This sensor is basically a potentiometer. So, GM instruction are to pull the connector, turn the key on and...
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    Dunlap Offset Ratchet Screwdriver

    I have an old Dunlap offset ratcheting screwdriver that belonged to my Dad. The one I have is a flat but I think I remember he had a Phillips also. Seems like 2-3 times a year I have a need for that and a bent one will not fit. I end up removing the screw with a tiny channel lock. The...
  18. BBShark

    Door Latching Problem- Solved by Conversion to Electric!

    I have replaced the door latches on my 68 with later (74?) latches that I cleaned and lubed with lithium grease. Before replacing the latches, the doors closed pretty poorly. They would "bounce" open (from fully closed) about a 1/2 inch before the latch would catch.Without changing...
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    Specialty Automotive Bolts

    I am looking for a source for some bolts that are used in a couple of places on a C3. They are used to attach the bumper extensions onto the front of the frame, attach the convertible frame, attach the hood to hinges, etc. where the holes are slotted so you can adjust position the and lock into...
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    Corvette Custom - No Bids

    Corvette Custom - No Bids