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  1. GTR1999

    2014-2017 colorado's

    Anyone have one? Good - Bad?
  2. GTR1999

    New Toy to rebuild

    I got in a 1979 Grob Band saw for a decent price so we will rebuild it and use it. It needs new tires, new motor and pulley to bring it back to vari-speed, a good clean up but otherwise is in decent shape. The blade welder works and the table feed may work.
  3. GTR1999

    80-82 diff

    I have an 80-82 diff I bought in a package deal. It has 307 gears in it, side yokes and the original 2.87 gears as well. It feels ok but I did not rebuild it or do anything to it, I do not know the history. I personally don't like these diff's and will not work on it. If anyone is interested let...
  4. GTR1999

    65-82 Brake Rotors New in Box

    I have to clean up some storage and have a car set of rotors for $140 + shipping. They are like all rotors now - chinese (god, I hate to say that) They have the rivet holes and are fine, no issue using them. Would list for about $200 In Ct if you want to pick them up.
  5. GTR1999

    Parting out 75 L82 4 spd

    Looks like we're going to part the 75 L82 now. It needs a front clip and windshield frame. All we got to so far is to remove the clip. A lot of this will end up in Carlisle and so far this is the only listing, haven't even got pricing ready yet. The 12 bolt probably is not going to be sold, it...
  6. GTR1999

    12 bolt IRs-800 miles

    well as many know a pizza kid ran a stop sign and smashed into the 75 coupe I gave my son. We just finished up all the mechanicals on this car including a full 12 bolt 373 diff,1350 axles that I treated for st/strip, 3.5 shafts, and new std T/A's fit with tom's 31 spline axles and 3" studs. The...
  7. GTR1999

    Steering box seminar - Carlisle

    Hey guys, I've been letting people know I'll be hosting a steering box seminar this August at corvettes of carlisle. I'll go over rebuilding boxes from stock to blueprinted setup,greases,finishes, questions & answers. If you plan on coming to the show stop over and check it out. I'll post the...
  8. GTR1999

    Bearing Grease tool

    I just tried this Timken bearing packer and really like it. Much better then most I see. Check it out, the design as been around before but this one is pretty well built. It cost me about $35. I can get some if you want one and can't find them.
  9. GTR1999

    FREE ZEKS air dryer

    I'm replacing this one because it needs a compressor. This model cost $3600 new so if you are HVAC tech you can replace the compressor and have a pretty good unit. we used this with 40 & 50hp rotary screw compressors never had water downline. You have to pick it up in CT
  10. GTR1999

    thread tool

    Not sure if you guys have seen this tool, another rebuilder told me about it a few years ago and I've used it a few times. I just used it on a rear spindle whose threads were rolled, this reformed them without cutting them and then I chased them with a 3/4-20 die. Worked real good and saved the...
  11. GTR1999

    Pinion Brg Sleeves

    I machined up a solid pinion sleeve last night. Pretty dull life to machine spaces on a Friday night huh:) I use the stock sleeves for st cars, the drawn are avail for $50 and I've used a lot of them, but the machined are made from HARD DOM tubing. Here are they are in all their glory...
  12. GTR1999

    Moog Ball Joints

    I have posted on Dc as well, there has been a lot of talk on suspension kits and who has what, cost, etc, etc, etc. I have seen MOOG advertised in some kits that just couldn't be sold at those prices. So I called MOOG to see if they changed their design or number for the 63-82 vette. They did...
  13. GTR1999

    Jeep Cj or Wrangler - anyone know them?

    I was thinking of a CJ or Wrangler with a plow. I never owned one and haven't worked on one in 30 years. Anyone shed any light on the drivetrain,common problems, value, MPG, and how they are with a plow? I'm not out looking just interested in any feedback. Thanks
  14. GTR1999

    My brother want to clean out his garage

    For Sale: New in crate 350 -290 engine with Edelbrock performer intake,600cfm carb,elctronic distributor. 1956 chevy 210, original 283, PG. Needs to be restored. 1950 surburban window truck, nice original condition but needs to be restored. 1966 Mercury Marauder vert- needs restoration 1960...
  15. GTR1999

    Corvette 1/2 shafts

    Here are the 3 size shafts avail. Tom's 3.5" 75-79 3" 63-74 2.5"
  16. GTR1999

    12 Bolt Differential build

    Well I started gathering parts to build a 12-bolt, 373 diff for a fellow corvette buddy running 650+ hp. I really like what I see so far, take a look at these baby's. You like to put your foot in it with a lot of HP, you may want to get one of these. Here we have from L-R a 4 series case...
  17. GTR1999

    12 bolt coming soon to a garage near you!

    Hey guys, One of my next projects in the coming weeks will be a 373 12- bolt build. It will be built with all Tom's parts. Tom offers these built several ways,I'm only going to build these one way, using the best Tom has. Stay tuned and I'll put up some pictures when I get into this. Bridgeport...
  18. GTR1999


    If anyone here is going stop over to L116 and say hi. I should be there Thursday afternoon to Sat evening, maybe Sunday if the weather is ok and the motel bed is ok on my back!
  19. GTR1999

    63-82 parts

    For sale, new, never used. Price doesn't include shipping Shock mounts, usa made $40 each Steering Box master kits $70 Spicer Solid U-Joints $27 each Headlight rebuild kit $80 SS rear shim kit $30 Differential Parts-Master kits, gears,etc Trailing Arm parts - USA Timkens, shims, plates,etc
  20. GTR1999

    Carlisle vendor space

    I have 2 spots one of which I'm not going to use. $100 for the spot, L116-117. I have to see which one I used last year, think it was L116 so come over and hang out. This is good to park on and cover entrance for 2 people in the car. I posted this on CF as well. Thanks Gary