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    Modified 63

    Does anyone feel like giving an opinion of value for this car? I have a friend who would like to aquire it. I think it would be a ton of fun if purchased for a reasonable $. Had it up on a hoist. The frame and birdcage look really good. Engine crisp. Aftermarket hood. ALL the mechanicals for...
  2. 00fxd

    Cool Car

  3. 00fxd

    Ok, so I'm driving it finally

    So I decided to change my frame last year. The old one had some cracks. It could have been repaired but my buddy Dan had a real nice one that he had perimiter welded and powder coated so I bought it to use. I had wanted to install an lsx style engine for some time. So I figured that it...
  4. 00fxd

    Getting closer

    Got my '03 6.0L in my 65 Corvette running a couple of weeks ago, starts and runs great - everything works the way it's 'sposed to. So far. Check eng lite, drive by wire throttle... I'm getting the details sorted out, set the toe on the rear wheels last nite and a couple other things. Out there...
  5. 00fxd

    What have we here? Any thoughts on this unit?
  6. 00fxd

    Drive by wire

    OK, here's a question. I've not had a DBW vehicle before.. I've got the 6.0L all wired up in my Corvette now... So if I put power to it, turn on the key, should the throttle valve in the throttle body operate with the foot feed even if the thing isn't running? It would be interesting to see if...
  7. 00fxd

    Battery Cold Cranking Amps

    Does anyone have an opinion on minimum requirement for battery Cold Cranking Amps for my LQ4? The battery placement in my '65 Corvette is quite compact so I need the smallest battery that will work. Of course the smaller the batt, the less available cca's. The car will not be run in too cold of...
  8. 00fxd

    Midjear prices

    I've seen evidence of prices coming down. Not here........ Projects? Holy crap.
  9. 00fxd

    Rear Trailing arm bolt

    About to drop my body back on my '65. Does the rear trailing arm bolt insert from the outside of the frame or the inside? I'm sure it is installed from the outside but my friend who used to work at a Corvette shop disagrees... Thanks, Frank
  10. 00fxd

    Very cool old drag race pics

    There's over 600 of 'em so get comfy
  11. 00fxd

    Holy compression batman...

    Just got my LQ4 to a state in my chassis where I could spin it on the starter so I could do a Compression test. The engine has sat on a shop floor for 3-4 years til I got it. The numbers were between 205 and 225 psi.! Should I be scared :shocking: Lol Pretty neat deal. Gonna be interesting...
  12. 00fxd

    Something different

    We're a little lacking in this area lately
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    How can I upload a pdf to display as a picture? Thanks, Frank
  14. 00fxd

    LSX mounts to C2-C3

    For anyone thats interested I have decided that pretty much all suppliers of of adaptor plate are copying each other, wrongly. Every adapting mount that I see advertised places the engine about 1.5 inches too far ahead. Including the Scoggins Dickey super fancy billet adaptors I bought. Th...
  15. 00fxd

    OMG, trying to order parts!!!

    I am trying to order some parts for my LS conversion. My engine is not here yet. A bell housing and a flywheel. For 3 days now. There seems to be several suppliers and I get conflicting info. Then they won't answer the phone! Does anyone know if the LS engine's bellhousing bolts to the oil pan...
  16. 00fxd

    Help - Seat switch

    Any body got any suggestions? My wifes car seat switch needs to be disassembled and cleaned up a couple of times a year. The points seem to accumulate a coating of soot. Each time I have the thing apart I try a different coating [or none]. Naturally, the first time I dressed the points, used...
  17. 00fxd

    No wonder I'm not getting anything done on my car.....

    Gonna be 37deg celsius tomorrow. Again. Thats 97 deg Fahrenheit. The evenings cool off to 25c [77f]. Too ef'n hot to work out there. Not even a little bit interested...........
  18. 00fxd

    It's here! [My Marauder Dvd] from Brutal

    Thanks Glen, cool dvd, lots of info and history. Well worth watching.
  19. 00fxd

    C2 C3 removable crossmember

    I have cut and modified my cross member making it removable. The holes are all sleeved. The frame became a bit less rigid than I expected when the crossmember is not installed. I did have to push the frame rails apart to re-install, I expect that it will be more stable when the body is on. I...
  20. 00fxd

    Snubber bolt

    Does anyone feel like going out to the garage, jacking up a c2 or c3 and telling me once and for all the diameter of the diff rubber pinion snubber bolt? I think it sposed to be smaller than the hole...... Thanks, Frank