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    Big Pine Key looks destroyed, did you weather Irma OK?
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    C5/6 IRS mounting kit

    For those looking to upgrade to a C5/6 IRS google Dobbertin Performance. Nice way to adapt the C5/6 IRS cradle and links. Grampy
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    Rochester EFI

    After way too much time my project converting a Rochester 7375 to EFI is almost finshed so I thought I'd post a few pictures. Grampy
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    MAP sensor location

    Space on the inlet manifold is getting tight. Is there any real world downside in mounting the MAP sensor remotely ( firewall or inner fender ) compared to on the intake manifold. I know the signal is faster thru the wire than thru the vacuum line but is does few feet of tube translate to...
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    Another sidepipe muffler choice

    I finally got motivated to replace the reverse flow mufflers in my Hooker sidepipes. Classic Chambered has a new combo chambered/glasspack muffler for stock style side pipes they call Vettepacks. They sounded pretty good on the YouTube clips I listened to so I called Classic Chambered and had...
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    Rear suspension conventional wisdom

    Hey Guys, Whats wrong with this picture. The Chev Power rear suspension set up calls for a D height of 1.25 in. My rough measurements put the two outer link pivot points about 6.75 in. apart vertically and the two inner link pivots about 5 in apart vertically. That would mean that a D height...
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    Braided Fuel Line recommendation?

    Pictures of the swagelok fitting
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    Windows 7 and photo resize

    My old computer decided to die and I have a new Windows 7 OS machine. The forum photo resizer is for XP and is not compatible with Widows 7. Anybody know where a W7 compatible tool can be found or another way to skin this cat? I wanted to post a reply with a pic but the file size is too big...
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    Custom R&P

    I'm new here and was asked to post some pictures of my just finished R&P project. I hope this works. The design is based on the Saginaw CTO power R&P used by the commercial vendors and most who have gone before me. I tried to address most problems that have been previously reported. The...
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    Fresh meat

    Hi All, A new old guy here. This is my first active forum experience. I have looked in here and CF occasionally while doing research. I am the second owner of a '66 small block numbers matching vert which I've owned since '69 I've been improving it since day one. I'm just finishing up an...