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  1. gr8vet

    Looking for 700r4 Tranny Company

    Looking all over the net trying to find a reputable tranny company selling a 700r4. Nothing exotic, just to go in my old 68 truck. As soon as I find what appears to be a good company, with top ratings on Ebay, then look at BBB review and they score an "F". Anyone have a good experience with...
  2. gr8vet

    LS1 Rear Seal Questions with Picture

    This is the first time for a RM seal on a LS1. The seal appeared good and dry around the inner side. It appears to be leaking around the outer ring at the bottom. Also found 2 loose bolts at top. This could also have been a leak point. (171,000 Miles) 1. Is this the normal area to fail...
  3. gr8vet

    LS1 Rear Main Seal

    Swapped tranny out about 2 years (2000 Camaro) ago and did not think about the seal. Now I have to think about the seal as I am leaking pretty good. It is a PITA to pull the tranny but I can handle that part. Started looking into how to replace the seal and what is required, tools, etc...
  4. gr8vet

    Flamed My Bike

    Started with black 2K base, airbrush white, cobalt blue candy, intercoat clear, 4 layers of flames, then topped with two coats heavy clear.
  5. gr8vet

    2002 Headlight Bulbs

    Wanting to put some new Silver Star Bulbs in the 02. According to all I can find the 9006 is an exact fit, WRONG. I tried for 20 minutes and they will not go. The center plastic ring is a bit larger and will not allow the entire bulb base to seat properly. You can get two of the tabs in but...
  6. gr8vet

    New, Sorta, From Georgia!

    Hey guys, this is a reintroduction to new area. I am going back into the real work world, accepted an offer with Georgia Power and will be relocating to Juliette, GA at Plant Scherer. A bit north of Macon, east of Forsyth, an hour south of Atlanta, yes, it is that far from anything! But we...
  7. gr8vet

    1982 A/C Retro Fit with Sanden Compressor

    Here ya go; instead of doing the complete Vintage Air system at $1200, I opted to swap out the compressor, condenser, of course a new accumulator, new orifice, and new hoses. Like everything else I have learned in life, just do it your self and it works out better. Crimp kit cost me $140...
  8. gr8vet

    Charging a/c in 1982 ???

    System has been flushed and running for three years r134. It just does not cool as well as it should and I thought about checking the orifice tube, maybe stopped up. If I open the system at this point only; Do I need to change the accumulator? Add anymore oil? Just pull vacuum again and then...
  9. gr8vet

    A/C Electrical ? 1982

    Dang air! Working just fine, then clutch will not engage. Blower works, fuse good on A/C. Clutch does not engage. Tested clutch, will engage with 12v applied directly to it. Checked plug to compressor overall in good condition. Whats left to check? Is there a relay somewhere I don't know...
  10. gr8vet

    2000 Camaro P0410 code

    Grabbed the wife a nnnnnniiiiiiiiccccccceeeeee 2000 camaro LS1 from some long time friends. We knew the car had a code on and figured at 11 years old no big deal. This is for the secondary air pump system: Question is; can I just pull that crap off? Will it disturb anything else? I do have...
  11. gr8vet

    1982 Which is LH RH Upper Control Arm???

    OK, the looser I am, I mixed up the parts and did not snap a picture. How do I distinguish between the LH and RH on an 82? Checked the assemble manual, does not show which one is what, just labeled as LH RH. Thanks in advance, tt
  12. gr8vet

    Cruise Control Kit Suggestions

    Well, after 1500 miles or so on last years HRPT I reached a point where I was using my camera tripod to depress pedal as a cruise control sorta kinda. I think I can do better with an after market kit. The only kit I see available these days is from Rostra, is this a good kit for a c3? about...
  13. gr8vet

    Loving this Weather!

    OK, Last weekend, had the top down cruising around, 74 degrees. Today woke to this: (Shot from Shop/Garage) This Saturday is supposed to be back to 65 degrees. Jezzzzz.
  14. gr8vet

    Rear DIff Seal - Use gasket seal also?

    Quick question, do you guys add a small bit of tube gasket seal material around the outside of the seal before seating the new seal? At the metal to metal fit. thanks tt
  15. gr8vet

    Rear Diff Questions 82

    Remove the readend today, looking to fix seal on pass side. Upon looking around inside, this is what I found. What is the "clip" thing circled in black? It almost appears you can easily pull it out. It kinda flops around very easily, maybe holding a sping in place? The red mark indicates...
  16. gr8vet

    How to check rear wheel bearings?

    ALright guys, I have read sooooooo many posts on the trailing arm bearings, the old eyes are bleeding! One thing I have yet to see, how to you check for play? Is the whole thing put in a vise, spin and watch dial indicator? Is the rotor horizontal or vertical? Any force applied to rotor to...
  17. gr8vet

    Dang Trailing Arm Bearings

    OK, figured I would redo the bearings. But someone has been in there before best I can tell, not sure how long ago. Hate like crazy to redo the bearings to find out there were really ok. I have read the ole raise car, set tire at running height, place hands on 12 and 6 and see how much...
  18. gr8vet

    82 Horn Spring, Eyelet, Insulator

    Going over why my horn has never worked, I found all systems good, as long as I drop a bolt in the eyelet and jump to ground, at the top of the column. I have a schematic of sorts from the assembly manual describing this area but not the parts. I guess I am missing the spring, some type of...
  19. gr8vet

    Hot Rod Power Tour 2011

    Alright guys, get registered and lets go! Cocoa Beach to Detroit this year. You can register for any leg, do not have to go the whole route. Marck, you come over, we will provide you a car, no kidding. This is by far the bestest kewlest thing I have ever done, except maybe a few illegal...
  20. gr8vet

    Another One for the Vettemod Gang!

    Hey guys, just returned from a show in Destin Florida, managed to pull a 2nd place trophy for 58-82 class. I always feel like this is a "community car" and wanted to thank you all since I have received sooooooo much help from all of you! Thanks for all the support and help over the past few...