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    OEM Connector Kits

    I need to build some custom harnesses for the 1970 and want to make the new wiring look "professional;" i.e. like it would if it came from the factory. I've done this with my 1968. I made some custom harnesses for the 68 using Delphi Weather Pack connectors. I bought my connectors for the 68...
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    New Catalog Listings!

    Thanks, I'll look up the backup camera system.
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    CF and Dr Rebuild Again

    For what it's worth. Dr Rebuild came up into a CF thread again. There were some complaints and a lot of favorable comments...and then the thread was .CLOSED. I've had some very good experiences with them; i.e Geoff and his wife. I have a few NOS pieces on my 68 and also many of his repro parts...
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    The 68 Convertible Gets a Paint Job

    I painted it myself in the early 1980's in lacquer. Storage damage incidents and aging meant it needed to be repainted. I drove the car to a local Corvette body shop with a good reputation. Actually I've used them in the past for parts, mechanical repair and everything was very reasonable...
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    EFI Recommendation

    My 70 Project car is now at 454 cubic inches... I plan to up it with larger pistons up to 490's to 502. (The engine hasn't been built, but I do have the 454 crank.) Any recommendations for an EFI unit? So far I've been planning on just using a carb. I think all in all an EFI would be much...
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    How to Measure Wheel Width

    I'm trying to size tires/wheels for my 70 project car. I'd like to have some big tires on the back, but the front can be the size of my 68 wheels/tires. OK, how wide are my 68 front wheels? I've lost the order paper work. I went to the local model airplane store and bought 1/8" by 3/4" balsa...
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    Fuel Tank to Engine Fuel Lines

    I currently have 3/8" fuel lines (stock) running from the fuel tank to the engine. These are pre-bent Stainless Steel lines. For the bends rapping around the dog legs (rear frame wheel frame arch) down to the horizontal frame lines, the line is bent and appears a little crimped. I'll be...
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    Brake Lines Blues-Rear Calipers

    On my 70, I have Tom's trailing arms and Stainless Steel Brake Corporation (SSBC) aluminum rear calipers. I have a set of stainless steel brake lines from In Line Tube for OEM replacements. The brake lines for a stock Corvette will not fit if you have the SSBC calipers. For my 68, with it's...
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    Pilkington C3 Window Glass

    I ordered all new door windows for my 68 Convertible from Pilkington Classics. Pilkington bought out Libby Owens Ford (LOF) some years ago, and they have since been bought out by a Japanese company. Several Corvette vendors sell glass, but i assume if you purchase window glass with the LOF logo...
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    Spruce Up Your Interior!

    Thanks...I've bought a lot of Rock Auto parts. I like the wide variety of parts you sell.
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    New Catalog Listings

    When I want to buy an auto part, I go to RockAuto. The prices and the service have been very good. I particularly like the selection of parts. For instance to buy brake rotors, there's a large number of rotors available. I like to be able to select the premium grade from all the listing of...
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    A Day in the Life of a Newly Arrived Legal Immigant

    After a brief wait of 12 1/2 years, many thousands of dollars of attorneys fees and immigration fees, my wife's son, daughter-in-law, and granddaughter arrived in the US on April 2 from Thailand. After all the perverse idiosyncrasies of the US immigration services, I thought that as I saw them...
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    Little Too Much Hp

    I was driving back to LA from Edwards Air Force Base. Leaving Edwards, west bound, on Rosemont Ave, I stopped at a mini-mall for lunch. It was a sunny but cold January day. My tires would have been cold when I finished lunch. I rolled about 300 feet and entered the one ramp to the Antelope...
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    Maximum Size Rear Wheel/Tires

    I currently have Tom's Differentials offset trailing arms installed on my frame, which is intended for the 70. Tom's advertises his trailing arms as being able to accommodate 5 inch offset wheels. I'd like to stuff some 18 inch big tires under the car, without having rear wheel flares on the...
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    Trailing Arm Bolt Factoid

    Removing and replacing your rear suspension trailing arms? You may find you want to replace the trailing arm bolts...corrosion damage most likely. The bolt actually functions as a pin. The trailing arm pivots on the bolt and all the acceleration produced by the rear wheels is imparted to the...
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    Driveshaft Balancing Recommendation?

    I havt a balanced driveshaft (C3) and I need to replace the yoke. It came with a 27 spline slip yoke and I need to replace it with a 31 spline. Seems to me I should have the drive shaft re-balanced since they are balanced with the slip yoke installed. Recommendations for a shop? I'd prefer a...
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    Traditional Big Block or Supercharged LS3?

    I've been working off and on on my 70 project car for many....many years. Many years ago, the way to go for HP was to use a big block. I have an aluminum BB and heads....not populated yet with rods, pistons, cam. When I bought it many years ago, the crank and bore configured it as a 454. I...
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    Jerry's Tap and Die to the Rescue Again

    Jerry's installed inserts into my bellhousing several weeks ago. Latest problem. I bought Tom's Differentials CNC billet caliper brackets for my rear wheel spindle bearing housing assemblies. They are really a beautiful replacement for the stock cast iron brackets. I was bolting up a...
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    How to Fabricate Engine Brackets

    Problem: You want to make a bracket that bolts into an existing hole in the cylinder head (forward facing surface) and an existing hole in the engine block (forward facing surface). For the raw undrilled bracket, you've got to drill two holes (in this simple example) where the centerlines of the...
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    How to Remove 0.010" from Spacers

    I have two spacers. One is 0.488 inches long, the other is 0.619 inches long. I need to take 0.010 inches off of both. (Or 0.020 off of the 0.620 spacer). Tools that I have: a Dremel grinder, an air powered die grinder, a drill press. I expect that if I had a vertical mill this would be...