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  1. Dirtbuster1

    82 Leftover items

    I have a few 82 left over items that I need to sell. If you are interested let me know. Email me @ [email protected] for a faster response! Make offers! 1. Heddman Elite Headers & pipes to diff 2. New T-Top weather stripping for both sides-sold 3. New Tach board #X2486 from Corvette America...
  2. Dirtbuster1

    Out of the Vette Bussiness

    Due to my neck getting worse, I am having to sell my 2 Vettes. I sold the 2008 Last Monday, & just sold my 82 today. The 82 will be headed to Arkansas. I will fill lost without them, but life will go on! As Symda did, I will hang around to enjoy the conversation. I also will also try and help...
  3. Dirtbuster1

    82 Power Steering Control Valve

    I have been looking for the problem of my steering slop. Today by accident I think I located the culprit. Should the control valve stud at the Pitman Arm move before the wheels move. Manually rotating the steering column, the steering linkage does not move when the steering box is moved. There...
  4. Dirtbuster1

    Another Dumb Question

    I need to install new rods in the hinges on my rear compartment doors. What is the trick of getting the new rods through the new door panels. The holes might be under sized. I know someone has to have had this problem.
  5. Dirtbuster1

    Ford 150 5.4 Engine Knock

    I purchased a 2000 F150 4x4 last week. I have an engine knock that has me stumped. When I crank the engine cold it sounds fine. I put the truck in drive , and it knocks for around 5 to 10 seconds. After that it goes away. I am not that familiar with this engine. I am assumming that it has a cam...
  6. Dirtbuster1

    Sensitive Steering

    What would cause my 82 to have very sensitive steering at speeds of 55 & higher. At slower speeds everything feels ok. The steering box doesn't seem to have any slop in it that I can tell. This all started after the alignment was done. While doing the alignment the guy helping me, recommended...
  7. Dirtbuster1

    Wireless Router Question

    I want to buy a new wireless router. Everytime I open a thread with alot of pictures, it will lock up & knock me off the internet. I have to unplug the router to get back on the internet. I currently have a Netgear WPN824. What is everybody else using, and what do I need to be looking for?
  8. Dirtbuster1

    Relay Question

    Why does GM use relays to power fuel injectors & coil packs in the newer cars. There is typically 4 connections used on the relay out of a possible 5. Is it used for a switching function when the ignition switch is either on or off? After the relays there is also a fuse to protect the ckt. Why...
  9. Dirtbuster1

    Car Cover Question

    What is a good quality car cover that doesn't break the bank. I don't want anything that might scratch the paint, but something that will protect the body from the elements. The 08 probably want get driven for a couple of months after my neck surgery after Christmas. There is only so much garage...
  10. Dirtbuster1

    C5 Squeaks

    My 04 starts squeaking almost everytime I wash it. It is starting to drive me crazy.:bonkers: Is this a common thing on a C5, and what might be causing it?
  11. Dirtbuster1

    4L60E Question

    The 4L60E was used in both 6 & 8 cylinder cars made by GM. The bellhousing is different depending on the model. Is the converter for the 4L60E the same in all models. Looking at info on the web, there seems to be different options on aftermarket converters. Does anyone have a chart showing GM's...
  12. Dirtbuster1

    LS1 Swap for an 82

    How much work is there to converting to an LS1 on an 82 with a 700R4. I can get everything need to make it run ( Engine, Harness, Fans, Radiator, Exhaust, ECM ). Are there enough aftermarket parts for the swap without breaking the bank? I can get all of the above for 1800.00. How much more would...
  13. Dirtbuster1

    IAC Question

    Does anyone know if the IAC motors read resistance off of the pin placement or coil placement. I ask this because my stems keep moving as they want. the originals will not move at all. If the ECM thinks that the coil is in the zero position, would it not know where the pintle is if it is moving...
  14. Dirtbuster1

    O2 Question

    Why would a heated O2 sensor cause the ECM to go into closed loop, & a nonheated O2 sensor not? The nonheated is at .5V & the heated is at .9V. The only difference is a ground. I checked the nonheated & it is getting a ground. The heated O2 is screwing with my BLM & TPS counts?
  15. Dirtbuster1

    700R4 Speedometer Drive Gear

    My speedometer problem finally showed what was causing my speedometer gear to tear up. Just when I thought it might have broken another shaft, I removed it & it was ok. I then checked out the cable & it was ok. I slipped my hand up into the casing to find my drive gear had broken loose. I found...
  16. Dirtbuster1

    Talk About Bad Luck

    Saturday morning I was eating breakfast. After eating I went to get in to the 04, and a truck side swiped my drivers door. Hit & Run! Today I went to get my O2 bung relocated to the header. While the 82 was on the rack, one of the front supports kicked out letting the car drop. It cracked the...
  17. Dirtbuster1

    82 Headlight Switch

    Has anyone ever seen a headlight switch start smoking. Today I turned my parking lights on, and after a while smoke starts coming out from my speaker grill. I pulled over and unhooked the battery to be on the safe side. Looked around for the source of the smoke. I couldn't find any burnt wires...
  18. Dirtbuster1

    82 Prom Operation Question

    Can someone tell me how a prom functions with the ECM. I have run about every test in the service manual to no avail. My IAC motors will still not funtion properly. I have replaced the ECM, wiring harness, IAC motors, & fuses. The VSS seems to be ok based on the service manual. While testing the...
  19. Dirtbuster1

    Extra Piece

    Does anyone know where this piece goes. It came off of the drivers side, possibly motor mount area. I have my engine out, and I need to fiqure out where it goes. It seems to be an isolation pad of some time type.
  20. Dirtbuster1

    What Does a Burnt Piston Look Like

    I pulled my intake and heads today to determine where the oil smoke is coming from. After removing my DS header, the #5 cylinder was black & wet. After removing the head, both rear pistons had a orange ring around the outer perimeter of the piston. I have never seen this before. All of the...