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    LS explained in detail
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    Finally learned how to

    How did I do?
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    Bucking when driving

    Hi, My L98 motor all of a sudden has started bucking or pausing when driving. It idles OK cold or hot 183*. I set the TPS to .54 volts using two paper clips + to the center wire and the – to the top wire. The fuel pressure with key on is 30lbs and after 30 minutes key off it drops to 16lbs...
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    20 years LS
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    Alternator charging 15.5 volts?

    Hi My alternator is charging between 14.7 to 15.5 volts @ 1500 rpm. will this cause a problem? Thanks,Dean
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    The Custom Car Revival 2017

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    Speed 33 Cabrio Into A Hardtop Coupe

    Chip Foose and Marcel DeLay Converted This Speed 33 Cabrio Into A Hardtop Coupe Ron Brown and Chip Foose were sitting in a restaurant a few years ago. They were talking about street rods, in particular Speed 33s. Ron had owned one of these stylized 1933 Ford–inspired cars—a dark red fenderless...
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    2017 Grand national roadster show

    The 2017 America's Most Beautiful Roadster:
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    GM prepares for C8 Corvette with ‘LT5’ trademark filing

    GM prepares for C8 Corvette with ‘LT5’ trademark filing
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    Old Kustom cars
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    Brizio built 'Billetproof' 32 highboy

    Brizio built 'Billetproof' 32 it......needs red painted wires though.
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    TV Tommy Ivo 80th Birthday

    Happy Birthday Tommy
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    Unexpected Gem from Paris Show

    GLM G4 Electric Supercar Is Unexpected Gem from Paris Show GLM-G4-ELECTRIC-SOCIAL-SUPERCAR-FRONT-WHEELS.JPG This year's Paris Motor Show saw some stellar debuts from major automakers like Ferrari, Mercedes, and Land Rover, but sometimes the greatest show cars are the unexpected ones. Our...
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    My 63 vert rebuild project

    I bought this 63 vert with both tops and a 327 4 speed. Geat body but needing a re build. here is what it looked like when I bought it last October.
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    Rebuild Tip Of The Week: Fuel Injection Tech Tips With FiTech
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    this weeks Bonneville Speed Week event

    Here are some photos from this weeks Bonneville Speed Week event. The salt conditions were good, and Danny Thompson went 406....and George Poteet went 416.....(both two way averages). Also lots of period old hot rods, and the camping was fun, as we had antelope roaming outside the camper each...
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    1961 Chevrolet Mako Shark

    1961 Chevrolet Mako Shark Corvette Show Car Spied at the Riverside Grand Prix ack Brabham, driving a Cooper Monaco, won the 1961 Riverside (California) Grand Prix, trailed by all manner of sports cars, including Maseratis, Porsches, Ferraris, and even Jim Hall’s Chaparral. There were Corvettes...
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    60 Years of Small-Block: We Salute Chevy’s Iconic V-8 Engine
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    Corvette racing excellent adventure