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    Made in France

    Hey Denis, I hope that your's an Kathleen family is ok in France
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    Nice but I dont think I'll go for that $$$$
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    Mr Guldstrand
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    Cool 3D rendering,

    I wish this guy would do a C3
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    Another birdcage project,

    Hey check this one out, I did the birdcage on a C3 but C2 are a bit different but still rusty..
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    F1 changes explained

    Pretty good vid
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    Bangkok youre not alone

    Hey Dean, do you know this guy? Looks like he's in your area.
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    I like those short videos,
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    Toyota 4runner booster and master

    Just curious, I was asked if this booster and master cyl would do the job on a C3 It comes from a Toyota 4 Runner wich is I would guess heavyer than the C3. Would that do the job?
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    Carbon fiber filler

    I was watching an episode of Wheeler dealer and they are respraying a Corvette C2 At 31,06 in the episode the body guy is applying what he called ''carbon fiber filler'' and he seems to cover a lot of real estate on the car with this stuff.. Anybody...
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    Fexex hot rod

    Hummmm, I had one of those COE Freightliner, never tought about converting my old truck like this....
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    Dog torture (calm down, it's a joke)
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    That could be an intereting auction

    Lambrecht Chevrolet Company Auction - Day 1
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    Bike ride

    Hey I was out a few week. First road trip with the bikes in a few years. We started in Montreal took the blue ridge parkway from start to finish, then headed to the dragon's trail in NC and stopped in Knoxville TN. After playing in the twisties and hills of NC giving both Harleys a proper...
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    Bonne fete aux francais.

    Today's the birthday of the french federation 224 years ago in Paris. Heres one for Denpo, :mobeer:
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    Train derailment

    The cause of the accident was believed to be a runaway train, the railway's operator said. The president and CEO of Rail World Inc., the parent company of Montreal, Maine & Atlantic Railway, said the train had been parked uphill of Lac-Megantic. The tanker cars then sped downhill into the town...
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    Frame still good?

    Ok heres the deal, I replaced my frame a while ago, at the time, everybody told me to keep the old one, or at least not destroy what was left of it. It was badly rusted at the usual place, in front of the rear wheels. taking the rear suspension apart, I destroyed the rear section. I kept the...
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    4 post lift in a low ceiling garage

    Hey want a 4 post but ceiling is too low? No problem for this guy. Was found in a Dutch forum.,5108329,page=1
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    4 door roadster

    Last vacation it was raining and I was in the hotel lobby. Car didnt look right, until I realized it was a 4 door, closer look and they just chopped the top off. It was a taxi, also tit had somekind of a diesel engine in it.
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    need some tools