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    careful out there!

  2. 68L71

    careful out there!

    I saw your eye roll and suicide emoticons as evidence that you thought it was stupid to repeal the helmet law. I'd say one less law is a good thing. I don't ride motorcycle because I feel the risk out weighs the reward, but that's my choice and I'd never tell another man he shouldn't ride...
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    careful out there!

    I do know that your corvette would be safer with a smaller engine, but I don't think we need a law to tell you that.
  4. 68L71

    careful out there!

    Oh god, like we need the fucking state telling people to wear a helmet.
  5. 68L71

    Came out, over there.

    You are a close minded idiot.
  6. 68L71

    A very good speech......

    You must really love your government koolaid. I didn't have time to listen to the whole thing, but what I heard was good. Government is bad, democrat or republican.
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    th350 whining noise

    Thanks, was afraid of that.
  8. 68L71

    th350 whining noise

    I know very little about automatic transmissions. I have a th350 that is whining all the time including in park. The noise gets faster and louder with engine speed. The dipstick says full. I am thinking this is the pump? Can this be fixed in the car?
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    This is insane!

    That reporter was terrible
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    no more popular hotrodding

    Rod and custom done too
  11. 68L71

    SPC Performance FasTrax Camber Caster Gauges with toe adapter

    Sorry sold within 1 hour of listing
  12. 68L71

    SPC Performance FasTrax Camber Caster Gauges with toe adapter

    SOLDSPC Performance FasTrax Camber Caster Gauges with toe adapter. 135 shipped in usa.
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    1954 Alfa Romeo 1900 Super Sprint Zagato

    I like it
  14. 68L71

    A Master Metal Worker

    Very cool
  15. 68L71

    French trans

    Maybe so
  16. 68L71

    French trans

    The French don't make a good trans
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    Unsold new cars

    Nothing like a koolaid drinking derp
  18. 68L71

    a real hot ride

    Very cool
  19. 68L71

    Order placed .....

    I had this on my 68 for a short while. I didn't like it, not to mention it being heavier than the stock setup. The upper arms are nice though.