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    Bonjour Pier Paolo. Je me souviens que tu avais mis les pdf de ta suspension sur vette mod.Est...

    Bonjour Pier Paolo. Je me souviens que tu avais mis les pdf de ta suspension sur vette mod.Est ce que tu les a encore? J'aimerais bien jouer avec ca.Je les avais mais je les ai perdus"À A plus tard mon ami. Ciao. Michel
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    1958 MGA Coupe

    Nice job on the chopper.
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    Michel's 72 coupe rebuild

    Wow 2 years, time fly when youre not paying attention LOLI'm still around, life got in the way and I just put the project on backburner for a while. I worked on the car once in a while. I restarted it and now still unfinished but moving along well.
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    HD C3 IRS build up

    I'm not sure how this is working, could you pls explain? I understand that it will replace the shims but not sure how.
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    Exhaust Header Bash!

    BINGO! on both quotes.
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    Weight reduction: Running out of ideas.

    did you cast this part yourself?
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    Made in France

    Hey Denis, I hope that your's an Kathleen family is ok in France
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    My '76 restoration (long post)

    that hood is one of a kind, very nice Denis, and I'm sure it will be reproduced.
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    1969 corvette

    Mirrors? Whatsa behind isa not important!
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    My '76 restoration (long post)

    WOW, Last time I looked I saw pics of the car on a trailer going to paint but this is great. the hood and that rear glass mods are far better looking than what you were explaining to me. Belle job Denis.
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    Michel's 72 coupe rebuild

    Broken ass is fixed... I think!
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    Michel's 72 coupe rebuild

    Hey Bob, I'm still around and I keep a close eye on your thread and am amazed about the work you do. What an inspiration...Lets say that life got in the way a bit, sold the truck and changed career, then got hurt, everything is back on track now. And the Vette is still there, waiting...
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    1970 Vette Restoration

    the rear was a bit harder to separate. Theres a few rivets holding the back in place. I'll use the holes as reference when time comes to re-install.I remember the ark (t-top area) gave me a bit of a hard time but after removing the few pieces of fiberglass and unbonding the t-top area that...
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    Michel's 72 coupe rebuild

    Thanks, it's not as hard as you could imagine. It is an intimidating task because you break the car in 3 pieces, front, rear and the bird cage that hold everything together. Firewall is stuck in the middle. Just use a lot of heat (from a heat gun) and the factory adhesive will soften and will...
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    1958 MGA Coupe

    Hey Bob, to clean up electrical gizmos like that those little blasters do a great job. Just fill the reservoir with baking soda and blast away. Works great.
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    Nice but I dont think I'll go for that $$$$
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    Speed Dating Prank

    ''I'm a NINJA!'' LOL
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    auction of the century
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    Weight reduction: Running out of ideas.

    that would certainly be an improvement but, would the frame still twist like a wet noodle?I dont know, for not much more I would go for a full tube frame and get the suspension parts one by one if I have to.
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    Cars of Cuba

    I've seen the cars up close and let me tell you, these people are masters about fixing those old cars with whatever home made tools or parts they find. For example, I've seen homemade welders, using the wire from a wire fence to weld frames or body together. People make some wooden buck to form...