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  1. BBShark

    Long Overdue Progress! Dash panel install

    SLS is laser sintering so the parts end up looking like a permanent mold casting and they are as tough as a molded Nylon part. The resolution is basically the particle size of the Nylon. I used ProtoLabs. I also made some electrical connectors (on my project list). Today I'm making a...
  2. BBShark

    Long Overdue Progress! Dash panel install

    I use Rhino for everything. This part was sent out to a place that does SLS nylon. It's really the only printing material I trust for underhood parts.
  3. BBShark

    Long Overdue Progress! Dash panel install

    Thanks. So one thing off my list: Projects coming up: I'm going to cast a replacement for the airbag, 1990 was the early days of airbags an it looks like a pillow. Going to try something that looks more retro. Start working on the gauge/console Electrical connection for the doors with...
  4. BBShark

    BBC Water Pump By-Pass Hose

    The hole to the left (3/4npt) of the thermostat and the hole directly in front of the thermostat (3/4npt) are both open to the bottom of the thermostat. The hole in between is a 1/8"npt is for the temperature sender. On a BBC
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    Oil Sender Location for BBC

    It's been too long. These days I have a hard time figuring out where that screwdriver went to, that was just in my hand. They are mid-length SS. Here is a picture on the rolling chassis. They wont fit a Corvette without a lot of clearancing in the footwell.
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  9. BBShark

    BBC Water Pump By-Pass Hose

    I think they are both in the intake crossover port, correct? So, there isn't any difference. You could use a bypass valve from a 90's Chevy truck.
  10. BBShark

    Misc Vintage Racing Clips

    There was a link to an Animagraphs NASCAR video. Very interesting, I like their how it works videos.
  11. BBShark

    Some interesting metal working tools

    I'm surprised that PLA was the best for material. Those parts turned out nice.
  12. BBShark

    Wilwood adapter

    Is this without the master cylinders?
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  14. BBShark

    Misc Vintage Racing Clips

    Damn, that guy was really sawing the steering wheel. Looks like he had skinny tires (like the original GT40's). That's what I miss about old F1 cars, twitchy steering and riding the curbing. It looks like a Sunday drive now.
  15. BBShark

    Wilwood adapter

    Is that $237 from Wilwood? If so, that a good deal and a nice piece.
  16. BBShark

    Long Overdue Progress! Dash panel install

    I'm thinking of doing something similar to what you did but the lower half of duct will seal against the hood (when closed).
  17. BBShark

    Long Overdue Progress! Dash panel install

    One project done. Filter duct!
  18. BBShark

    C8 Z06

    A friend of mine has one (not a Z06) and told me you can't break it loose.
  19. BBShark

    Misc Vintage Racing Clips

    I went to the museum a couple of years ago. I think it was offseason so never saw the track. They had the cars that fell in the hole there and some other interesting things. I was sorry I missed the track being open, I think you can drive a C8 (for a lot of money). I might go to Indy Museum...
  20. BBShark

    Project Elvira – Intro and Update

    My wife has not received her Valentines Day surprise yet.