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    Fia headlight covers

    Now that i have the buckets in, I have to figure out how to mount these things. Moroso makes some neat quick release retainers. Not to sure how I could make them work in the front though. I dont think the hinge will work because of the shape of the 73 front. Wingnuts would be easy but...
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    slowly but surely

    The last one is to keep the missus off my sack
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    Intake manifold modifications

    Anybody ever get involved with some serious modifications of their intake manifold. Like say putting some JB weld inside the intake and grinding it to shape because the ports down line up and fit your gasket perfectly? I have heard about people doing this, with say epoxy, but that seems kind...
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    FIA Headlights

    Anybody got a close up pic of these, so I can figure out how to assemble these things?
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    Crane Cams going under
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    Dial Calipers

    Browne and Sharp or Starrett
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    A tale of 2 327s

    Hey guys, I have been pouring over the dyno mania article on the 2007 engine masters challenge and I have come up with the following tale of 2 327s. 1 is a ported stock casting head with a mild solid cam, and the other is an AFR headed 327 with a larger solid cam. I dont really care about the...
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    Rocker arms

    What you you guys do if you needed(wanted) a 1.8 intake rocker ratio and a 1.75 exhaust rocker ratio on a small block?
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    2007 Engine Masters - thoughts and analysis

    So looking over the entrants to the 2007 engine masters, these guys are getting ridiculous power out of a 300-500ci motor, with a stock displacement, stock dimension components, readily available aftermarket parts, a flat tappet camshaft, and a limit of 10.5:1 compression. All motors ran on 91...
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    Sportsman 2 heads

    So whats the deal with these? They SAY that they have been continuously developed for the past 20 years, but for some reason I am not buying it.
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    Failure to hump AFR leg

    One of the things that piss me off is AFR leghumpers. Nobody can go fast without AFR. I mean its like trying to argue the merits of islam in a mormon temple most places. (Pardon me, I am drinking the bottle of champagne that came in the mail today) So anyway, having seen more than a few...
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    A lust for new wheels

    So lets say I wanted to do something crazy like put 275/40-18s on all 4 corners? that would be an 18x9.5" rim. Is there anybody who has put that kind of rubber under their car on all 4 corners without flares? I was thinking about getting a cheap pair of c5 rear wheel and 2 tire and various...
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    Vegas Baby Woot Woot

    F the Cards F the Dice Real men play the wheel :waxer: Apparently I am a roulette man. In any case its time to find some breakfast know that I have earned (won) a days pay.
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    Distributer measurements

    It appears that my stock delco distributer is 7" tall and 5" around. What would the measurements of a HEI distributer be?
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    Piston Rings

    Is there a piston ring selection guide anywhere? In any case, I am looking for the best deal on piston rings for a 7000rpm 355 chevy with 11 - 11.5 to 1 compression. I am leaning towards some speed pro moly faced economy rings part# R8902 A moly faced cast iron top ring, a standard second...
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    DCR and Iron heads

    Everybody talks about DCR for Aluminum heads, what about iron heads?
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    Something I have been stumbling on

    Apparently GM roller lifters are pretty much stock replacements for each other. GM has redesigned the lifter for the LS7 and you can pick em up uber cheap. like $121 bucks. According to a bunch of LT1 forums they are apparently the hot ticket for OE style roller lifters.
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    A dumping ground for my rambles

    I won a forged GM crank off of Ebay for $200 bucks. Its a 1053 forged crank out of a circle track crate engine. Hot! So 1 step closer. Here is what I am now considering: (Parts in Green I already have) 1053 forged circle track crankshaft (supposedly 44lbs) Scat 7/16 cap screw rods KB dome...
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    Lets talk ignition boxes

    So I am lookin at the crane HI-6 CD box. So what do these things actually DO?
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    So who mucks about with Iron Heads

    Anybody mess around with Iron heads? Seems like an aggressive 355 with Iron heads could be fun. How big of a cam do you think you would need to run 64cc chambers with flat-tops?