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Old 03-14-2018, 05:38 PM
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thanks the drive was nice, funny thing is that living inside the DC beltway make its easy to get to work but really sucks for older cars.. a 22 minute car drive is 5 miles.....last summer i had a 53 mg TD and the 58 MGA coupe and was driving to work in an 06 mustang convertible or in bad weather a Sienna minivan. I would drive the older cars on saturday and sunday but never really could get the miles in that i wanted to and the beltway and I95 are not old car friendly in any fashion.....so as i drove to a car show in my mustang I had a WTF moment and said why i am not driving the C5 i have been wanting for many years.... I got home from the show and sold the mustang and the 53 MG TD and bought the 04 C5 vert and it didnt cost me anything. I dropped my car hoard by one and got the car i really wanted. I liked the mustang alot and I got it when I still had a kid at home so the back seat was beneficial but now as empty nesters the back seat was not really important. In fact the Mrs doesnt really get in the vette its to low for her. so the C5 turns out is my nice day drive to work car....it always puts me in a good mood, and the 58 MGA coupe is just my old special fun car for saturday morning drives around the town....

once a corvette guy i guess you are always a corvette guy....

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