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Old 06-29-2019, 02:50 AM
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Originally Posted by 69427 View Post

Hey, still looking for updates on your shop. The pictures from a few years ago when you first got the property sure looked promising for a nice shop setup.
I'll start a new thread, cannot upload pics with my crappy cellphone signal here.... teaser: just installed a lift 👍
Link to my garage:

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Old 07-15-2019, 02:20 AM
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I tried all the usual pest repellents. Plug in style that make some inaudible sound that repel God knows what. Junk. Dryer sheets. Best in the dryer. Tried all kinds in cars & motor home as well my residence.

Best I have found is powered Cayenne Pepper among the Spices at the grocery store.

I spread a small dusting on the air cleaners, generator, battery, battery compartment on RV. Under the rear seat of my wife's car where the battery is located. After the winter when all the cars get more use, its cleaned up. No critters.

I had literally thousands in damage done by a group of wood peckers that put holes right through the shingles, plywood down to the Pink fiberglass insulation. Some the size of golf ball ! Got my own scaffolding so I repaired & replaced where damage was too great. They key to keeping them away was filling their small holes with Cayenne Pepper mixed with plastic wood. Honestly it stopped them completely. They always returned to the same spots. Even stained over the repairs. Mixes it with peanut butter and Rodents learn to avoid he smell. Trapping & poisons those that kill them stink it up when they pass. More humane. Hot as hell if you get it on mouth, nasal passages, eyes but you wont die. My $3.19 spice tip.

PS also got rid of the Borer Bees when filled their holes with a Cayenne Pepper. Hot stuff.
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