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Old 05-31-2020, 06:35 PM
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Default The Climate Today

In the 1970’s I taught high school science, biology & chemistry in Bridgeport, the largest city in CT. There had been riots at this school a couple years prior to my arrival and uniformed police were stationed outside and occasionally inside. It was an enlightening experience. I’ll relate a few of my personal experiences.

One Monday a student living in low income housing told me with glee, not revulsion – guess what they found in the incinerator – the body of a burnt baby.

This school system had tracking, meaning classes were identified as G1,G2,G3,G4,G5,G6. G3 was average skills. G1 was tops above average. G6 was way below average, often foreign speaking, no language skills. In G6 failure was not an option, instead FL was graded – in other words failing due to lack of language skills. These students were then passed on to the next grade the following year. My level G1 chemistry class had 6 students. There were no G3,G4,G5 or G6 chemistry classes. The majority of my classes were G3 & lower general science & biology.

Discipline & behavior problems were often in the lower tracking levels. I will never forget the following exchange with one unruly, undisciplined, uncontrollable student. He clearly told me: “my mother doesn’t tell me what to do, and you are not going to either”. That succinctly revealed how their young lives would be run forever and this was not unusual. This often led to disruptive behavior as some teachers were afraid of some students. I was threatened occasionally, but never physically attacked.

The parents night meetings were very sparsely attended. Parents would follow their child’s school schedule & every 10-15 minutes go to their next class to meet that teacher. In some classes, no parent showed up. We just sort of went through the motions, stood out in the hall if no parents appeared. In my view there is a clear, absolutely clear relationship between the breakdown of the family and the rise of an uneducated, unskilled, unemployable class. I refer to them as ferals.

One of the most disturbing events was revealed many years after I Ieft teaching & went into business. As I was getting coffee to go at a local diner a younger girl approached me & stated “remember me Mr. C.” I apologized and said that years later, I only remembered the very worst & the few top students. She related, “I was in the same class as Bruce C.” Oh I remember him; he sat in the absolute rear row, would open his briefcase & point his hands at me as if he was holding a gun. She related, “did you know, he really did have a gun in his briefcase; he was one of big drug dealer in the school.”

I had a science club & arranged a bus trip to the Bronx Zoo in NYCity. In the House of Darkness day & night were reversed so that nocturnal animals could be observed. All of a sudden a door opened & I saw two uniformed NYCity cops dragging Karl B. outside into the daylight. They revealed he was molesting girls in the darkness & were going to arrest him. I pleaded with them to release him to me & he would be on the school bus back to Bridgeport that day. Thankfully they did as it would have been “difficult” to explain what occurred to the H.S. principal. Years later he was convicted of murder & sent to Somers prison. He’s probably out now, or a recidivist or dead.

After attaining 12 years public education + 6 years of college + master degree I was only netting $208.00 in my weekly paycheck & literally living from credit card bill to credit card bill. After purchasing my 1963 Corvette, beginning refurbishing and then selling the left over used parts I made over $500 at my first Corvette only swap meet. The writing was on the wall; soon I left teaching & never looked back.

Yesterday there was a photograph from a drone over the Rt 25/8 highway that was shut down for 3+ hours by protestors. It was between exit 2 & 3 on this 8 to 10 lane feeder that routes directly into the I-95 major North – South freeway. My warehouse is exactly next to this highway. Time will tell what happens next. Rioters broke the windows & the door to enter the local police station to be repelled by the police inside.

The breakdown of the family, lack of personal responsibility & no education or skills has produced an underclass that seems irredeemable. EBT, Section 8, obamaphones, WIC, SNAP are not the answer. My personal view is that Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society was an abject failure & set the tone for one group of politicians to maintain control via free this & free that. There is an old adage: if you pay someone not to work, why would they ever work.

I do believe the recent police murder of Mr. George Floyd in Minneapolis was absolutely wrong and statistically the vast exception to the reality of all deaths due to police interaction. Horrible yes. The protests are right. The tremendous arson, looting & violence is not.

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Old 06-01-2020, 04:11 AM
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Default Highway Shutdown

next to my warehouse ...
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Old 06-01-2020, 11:30 PM
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how can you say LBJ`s great society was a failure? I think it was a success if your a liberal democrat, it got and kept blacks voting democratic...
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What are some saying now? "Just Walk Away."
Rebuilder's Zen Saying:
One thought leads to another. If these thoughts link into a chain we become bound to the project. This bondage is subtle and remains until we complete the tasks -- or, STOP Thinking!
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Originally Posted by Geoff Coenen View Post
next to my warehouse ...
Shutting an expressway down is the the work of morons. It is just a nuisance that has no connection to your "cause". And, no TV cameras around to show you laying in the street.

Sometimes I wonder if the news shows stayed away, if the riot would go away.
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Old 06-03-2020, 05:01 AM
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First Off – Mr. George Floyd did not deserve to die with a knee on his neck.

jeff bozos newspaper the Washington Post has these “facts”.
Police killed 1029 people in 2019 (out of 328,231,337 people in USA)
Blacks are killed by Police 30 per million.
Hispanics are killed by Police 23 per million.
Whites are killed by Police 12 per million.
Other are killed by Police 4 per million.

So they continue with the “fact” that Black are only 13 per cents of the population. Bozos ignore Chicago, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Detroit, New Orleans & Washington, DC where minority murders by minorities are “nothing to see here folk – move on”. They don’t count, They don’t even mention them.

I can only report on the murder & violent crime reported in my area. In Bridgeport, CT I have read of about 17 murders in the past year. Two years ago a 16 YO car thief who drove at the police & was shot to death. All the other were killed by others – not cops. This past week in Waterbury, CT 4 Blacks between 18-22 YO or so invaded an apartment & stole $13,000 from the 3 female residents. Odd having that amount of money in an apartment. Wonder what they did for employment? Me too. I can only guess. Honestly, I have not read of any Whites or Other engaged in home invasions. I also have not read of any White flash mobs stealing from apple stores or Victoria Secret, etc. The local newpaper – a rag – seldom identifier the race of those who are shot or stabbed. Instead I look up their name on Google images to discover who is shooting & stabbing & robbing.

The 50 most violent cities in the USA were listed in a 2018 web page I perused (not in the Wash. Piss. newspaper) They were selected by the number of violent cimes per 100,000 people. Following are the cities with the number of homicides in parentheses. Next the Violent crime per 100,000 rate followed by the Poverty = Pov & Unemployment = Un.
I took the time to look up what political party ran these 50 most violent cities.

1. Detroit, MI (261) 2,007 /100K Pov 37.9% Un: 9.0% Mike Duggan (D)
2. Memphis, TN (186) 1,943 /100K Pov 26.9% Un 4.6% Jim Strickland (D)
3. Birmingham, AL (88) 1,911 /100K Pov 28.1% Un 4.6% Randall Woodfin (D)
4. Baltimore, MD (309) 1,833 /100K Pov 22.4% Un 5.7% Jack Young (D)
5. StLouis, MO (187) 1,800 /100K Pov 25.0% Un 3.8% Lyda Krewson (D)
6. Kansas City, MO (137) 1,590 /100K Pov 17.3% Un 3.5% Quinton Lucas (D)
7. Cleveland, OH (86) 1,449 /100K Pov 35.2% Un 6.5% Frank G. Jackson (D)
8. Little Rock, AR (40) 1,446 /100K Pov 17.8% Un 3.5% Frank Scott Jr. (D)
9. Milwaukee, WI (99) 1,413 /100K Pov 27.4% Un 4.0% Tom Barrett (D)
10. Stockton, CA (33) 1,399 /100K Pov 22.4% Un 6.9% Michael Tubbs (D)
11. Rockford, IL (23) 1,386 /100K Pov 22.2% Un 6.8% Tom McNamara (D)
12. Albuquerque, NM (69) 1,364 /100K Pov 18.2% Un 4.5% Tim Keller (D)
13. San Bernardino, CA (49) 1,333 /100K Pov 30.6% Un 5.2% John Valdivia (D)
14. Springfield, MO (16) 1,316 /100K Pov 25.7% Un 2.7% Ken McClure (D)
15. Anchorage, AK (26) 1,309 /100K Pov 8.1% Un 5.5% Ethan Berkowitz (D)
16. Oakland, CA (70) 1,273 /100K Pov 18.7% Un 3.4% Libby Schaaf (D)
17. Indianapolis, IN (162) 1,272 /100K Pov 20.1% Un 3.5% Joe Hogsett (D)
18. Wichita, KA (38) 1,179 /100K Pov 16.9% Un 3.9% Brandon Whipple (D)
19. New Orleans, LA (147) 1,163 /100K Pov 25.4% Un 5.0% LaToya Cantrell (D)
20. Nashville, TN (91) 1,113 /100K Pov 17.2% Un N/A John Cooper (D)
21. Lansing, MI (8) 1,108 /100K Pov 27.1% Un 5.2% Andy Schor (D)
22. Hartford, CT (21) 1,066 /100K Pov 30.5% Un 7.0% Luke Bronin (D)
23. Tulsa, OK (60) 1,065 /100K Pov 20.0% Un 3.6% G. T. Bynum (R)
24. Beaumont, TX (13) 1,059 /100K Pov 19.7% Un 5.6% Becky Ames (R)
25. Chattanooga, TN (19) 1,048 /100K Pov 20.7% Un 3.7% Andy Berke (D)
26. Buffalo, NY (57) 1,042 /100K Pov 30.9% Un 5.7% Byron Brown (D)
27. South Bend, IN (9) 1,039 /100K Pov 25.4% Un 4.0% James Mueller (D)
28. Houston, TX (276) 1,026 /100K Pov 21.2% Un 4.2% Sylvester Turner (D)
29. Chicago, IL (563) 1,006 /100K Pov 20.6% Un 4.2% Lori Lightfoot (D)
30. Lubbock, TX (13) 996 100K Pov 19.8% Un 3.1% Dan Pope (R)
31. Pueblo, CO (9) 993 /100K Pov 24.4% Un 5.3% Nick Gradisar (D)
32. Springfield, MA (19) 988 /100K Pov 28.7% Un 6.2% Domenic Sarno (D)
33. North LasVegas, NV (33) 966 /100K Pov 15.1% Un 5.3% John Lee (D)
34. Richmond, CA (17) 942 /100K Pov 15.7% Un 3.6% Tom Butt (D)
35. Washington, DC (160) 941 /100K Pov 17.4% Un 5.6% Muriel Bowser (D)
36. Dayton, OH (37) 921 /100K Pov 32.7% Un 5.4% Nan Whaley (D)
37. N.Charleston, SC (25) 920 /100K Pov 22.8% Un 3.2% Keith Summey (R)
38. Baton Rouge, LA (79) 919/ 100K Pov 26.0% Un 4.8% Sharon Broome (D)
39. W.PalmBeach, FL (27) 918 /100K Pov 18.9% Un 3.5% Keith James (D)
40. Philadelphia, PA (351) 908 /100K Pov 25.8% Un 5.5% Jim Kenney (D)
41. Modesto, CA (16) 882 /100K Pov 17.0% Un 5.8% Ted Brandvold Nonpartisan
42. Odessa, TX (8) 877 /100K Pov 11.8% Un 2.6% David Turner (R)
43. Oklahoma City, OK (52) 867 100K Pov 17.1% Un 3.2% David Holt (R)
44. Tacoma, WA (17) 866 /100K Pov 17.0% Un 5.5% Victoria Woodards (D)
45. Akron, OH (38) 862 /100K Pov 24.1% Un 5.3% Dan Horrigan (D)
46. Toledo, OH (37) 848 /100K Pov 26.5% Un 5.8% Wade Kapszukiewicz (D)
47. New Haven, CT (10) 842 /100K Pov 25.6% Un 5.1% Justin Elicker (D)
48. Cincinnati, OH (57) 839 /100K Pov 28.7% Un 4.5% John Cranley (D)
49. Springfield, IL (9) 833 /100K Pov 20.3% Un 4.5% Jim Langfelder (D)
50. Shreveport, LA (49) 832 /100K Pov 25.7% Un 5.5% Adrian Perkins (D)

Above total of 4236 homicides in 50 most violent cities

43 most violent cities run by Democrat Mayors with 4049 homicides 95 %
6 most violent cities run by Republican Mayors with 171 homicides 4 %
1 most violent city run by Nonpartisan Mayor with 16 homicides less than 1 &

2019 Bridgeport, CT had 17 homicides (listed below) almost all within a mile of my warehouse.
Over 100 shootings. Democrat Mayor – a convicted felon, spent 9 years in Fed “club med” prison got out re-elected twice now. Elected Mayor – went to the pen – re-elected 2X. Our Senior Senator Richard Blumenthal (D) poses with him in photo ops.

2019 Bridgeport, CT homicides
Razzie Hancock by Kenyon Gay
Eugene Rogers by Jayvell Washington
Eric Salters by ?
Sujata Lee Edwards by ?
Dyshon Williams by Darrick Tunstall & Vaughn Thomas
Jerrell Gatewood by ?
Tyron Heard by ?
Miguel Lopez by ?
Anthony McKinstry by Eugene Brown
Richard McDonald by ?
Sean Warren by ?
Dathan Gray by Larise King
Jose Perez-Ortiz by Richard Brown
Leo Giovanni Fernandez Spence by ?
Darren Connolly by roommate
Miguelangelo Ismail Afzal by ?
Ty'Quess Moore by ?

Unscientific Conclusion: Get out of this town.
When I went to college – I would walk to downtown on Thursday nights through low income public housing neighborhoods – Today I don’t enter Bpt at night or most areas.
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Default I am against brutality.

Apparently I have led a very uneventful mundane life. I’ve never been sentenced to prison.

Never been a felon or even accused of a felony. Never participated in a flash mob robbing a store. Never wantonly slugged & decked some old person who was merely walking down the street minding their own business. Never stole sneakers from someone walking down the street. Never burned the American flag. Never knelt while the National Anthem was being sung. Never participated in a violent home invasion. Never knowingly accepted or even tried to pass counterfeit US currency. Never desecrated any church of any faith. Never had to register as a sex offender. Never tried to run down a police officer in a stolen car. Never stole a car.

I also have never fallen asleep in a fast food drive thru lane, though I have eaten fast food. Long ago in my youth, prior to getting married to a woman (who was born a woman) I did consume alcoholic beverages at night clubs & bars where members of the opposite sex could be met and dancing was permitted. However on the drive home, I never had to take a DUI test. Therefore I really don’t know if I had the ability to pass such a test. For the sake of argument, if I failed such a test it would not be the end of my world. Although I may try to argue with a uniformed Police Officer, it would not be in my character to engage them in a violence fist fight. Something tells me that stealing their flashlight, gun, billy club or even their taser from them would not end well. I have never committed arson, burned a Police car or looted a Home Depot, AutoZone or even a Pawn Shop killing a retired police officer. Never tried to break into the local police headquarters as happened recently in Bridgeport CT.

Never performed a strong arm robbery. Never trespassed a private construction site – repeatedly. Never committed a burglary. Never shut down a hiway to impede travel. Never intimidate voters showing up to vote. Never entered a restaurant with a bull horn & baseball bat to intimidate diners. Never screamed at or spit on the Police. Never advocated harm to the Police or thrown a Molotov cocktail at them. Never thought of or attempted to topple a statue of some historical figure.

I lead a rather dull uneventful existence. Apparently this must mean I’m a racist and part of systemic racism
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This is such a wonderful town. Peaceful protestors not only shutting down the main freeway, but breaking into the Police Headquarters (a before photo shown in the link below) and only 3 murders in 2 days last week.

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And last night someone was shot in the 200 block of Wells Street. That’s just a short walk (if you dare to) from 25 Wells Street where my warehouse is located. True story: about 40 years ago I wanted to purchase a 3 family on this same block and if you google map 200 Wells you can see the 3 families right where I was looking - even on the same side of the street. The bank denied the mortgage. Bummer. I guess they were redlining me. What a let down, I could have walked to work.

Anyway we ended up buying a single family in Milford with an in ground swimming pool. Since then on both corners at the red light between 25 & 200 are 2 halfway houses with bars on the windows & the door and just above 200 is a 3 story Section 8 apartment house.

Incidentally almost every murder, every year in this town is less than a mile from my warehouse. I read a new motto: Defend the Police. I sure hope they paint it on every street.
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Twelve years later - nothing had changed – except 40 TRILLION tax dollars given away –and for naught.

Patrick J Buchanan’s most popular essay (below) – over a quarter million views – probably nothing compared to some naked ahole influencer on utube, instagram or tiktok making a fool of themselves eating Tide soap pods. And now the billionaire founder of BET is proposing 14 TRILLION in reparations. To me, it looks like that has already been paid several times over, over the past 40 years. Enough is enough.

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I’m tired of pulling the train.
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Well, in today's reality unfortunately you have to read 10 newspapers and then try ti figure out what's true and what's not.... however those videos that go viral are pretty clear... at least for the most part, what really happened at the Atlanta Wendy's was not captured.... but yeah, it was a POS asshole cop who had no reason to kerp his weight on the guys neck and then at the same time tell him yo get in the car ... HOW ??? asshole, you're kneeing on my neck....
now the rioting and all else what's going on is not going to help either... a 8 year old girl shot in Atlanta ... by those "protesters" ....
Link to my garage:

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