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Old 08-20-2017, 03:30 AM
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Default 20 years LS

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Doesn't seem like 20 years!
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Originally Posted by BBShark View Post
Doesn't seem like 20 years!
I got one whiff of an LS price for my '72, 20 years ago, before CF was even invented.....and hell with it, bought out a kid's 350 '89 truck block project for cheap, and had it assembled by a pro.....still there....

Just a few years ago, a junkyard here in FLORIDA, sold my Son an LS1 for a '57 Chebby pickup out in CALIFORNIA 500 bux, shipped....go figger that one...
engine in truck, computer and all, runs fine.....took him like 4 years to get it dun, on account of married/child/house/etc....but my Grandson is being raised right, out in the garage and asking questions that most kids don't know enough to ask at age 8, and the critter is turning 3 next month.....
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well i just bought an 04 vert and the freaking LS1 is awesome. the engineers definitely nailed this engine down pretty well right out of the gate.

makes me want an LS3 even more
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