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Originally Posted by BBShark View Post
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Was wandering a local junkyard this morning (50% off Labor Day weekend sale), but didn't find anything I needed at the moment (still looking for an aluminum p/s pump though). I did see a late 90's Camaro and a 90's Pontiac with the darn small rectangular headlamps. I'm still kicking around trying to put some small headlamps in the front of the '69 (non-flipup), but with an easily removable body-colored aluminum cover to retain the stock look. Re-reading this thread, I had forgotten that the stock headlamp covers apparently have some curvature to them (if I read things correctly).
The covers are curved front to back but basically flat from side to side. I think making them out of .100 aluminum would be pretty easy. Or find some cheap ones and cut the "lid" off.
That got me curious. What material are the headlight buckets/covers made of? Are they aluminum, or pot metal, or ??? The reason being is that I would probably need to weld some tabs/fingers to the bottom of the lids to hold and locate them when I wasn't using the headlights.
They are aluminum however it is what is called "dirty" aluminum. That will have a higher zinc content than aluminum alloys. You could certainly bond an aluminum frame to the bottom of the lid.

I have repaired and welded a couple of these and indeed they are not the cleanest castings but it's doable. As for thye curvature, they are compound curved sp not just in 1 directioin. The curvature is more diagonal to the lid than straight

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