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Mine isn't a race car, but just the way life has turned out the last several years I've found that about 90% of the miles I put on the car are track day miles. I run stock C3 size rotors up front (11.75", but two piece lightweight Wilwoods) and stock C4 rotors in the rear (11.5"). I get about a thousand miles on the front rotors before they're so chewed up from the aggressive Wilwood pads that replacement is in order. I get about 300 miles out of a set of front pads, but a major reason is that the pad area is small (I'm running Wilwood calipers) compared to C3 pads.

The rear rotors look like I can get about 2500 miles out of them. Pad life is also at least twice what the fronts are.

The car weighs 2750# which helps me be able to have fun with the car while retaining brakes that still fit inside the stock 15" street wheels.

I'll confess a bit of head scratching regarding the extremely low miles you got out of those front rotors.
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