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Originally Posted by 68/70Vette View Post
Originally Posted by big2bird View Post
According to Rock Auto, Delco # 1580213 was used from 73-91, and Delco # 1580182 was used from 87-96. SO, was the larger fan not used untill 1987? Is #1580182 the unit I seek?
(And yes Gene, I will upgrade to a #10 ground wire at that time).
I read through the posts, maybe I missed the answer. If I want to get a C4 fan for my 70, do I order the 1580182?


Also, Can someone recommend a compressor for me? I'm using a Serpentine drive on my BB. (GMPP Serpentine for a SB with adapter plates.) It will accomodate an R4, but I'd like to put in a modern aluminum compressor (Sanden, Niponso...) Recommendation for a compressor that'll mount up in place of an R4. Thanks again.
I don't think there is an adapter for a Sanden style/R4 conversion and you will have clearance problems with the head. Even though the Sanden is smaller, it is longer than the R4.

This is a picture of my R4 on a BB.

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