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09-11-2011, 01:38 PM
For SALE Some Engine Stuff

Now, here's a few pieces I know about - and one I don't. The starter came off my 355. Not going on the 383, so its gotta go. It worked when I last started the engine and its been sitting around a year or so.
Now a fancy, high horsepower, light weight racing starter this isn't. This is a straight off my 1978, and ya know it may be original - and there was a year or so it was in storage - so who knows what happened. I just know it didn't get torched in the dashboard fire my bro-in-law had one night.

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The Water pumps. The one with the fan is a stock GM - but I redid the enine a number of years back and it might have been replaced - but I don't recall. But, it worked when I removed it, a year or so back.
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The other water pump - is a reverse flow - at least it came with a serpentine package I got - so it should be. But can't attest to it. If nobody wants that one - it's on the way to scrap yard heaven.

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So, what do you say? Help finance my project and buy these parts!
These parts are well used - but servicable, so they are priced accordingly.

Starter -- $20
Water pump and fan (as shown) -- 50 bucks
Reverse rotation Pump -- $10

Contact: phantomjock via PM
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Actual Shipping costs - no hidden fees! Shipping combined - so save big when you by some of my other stuff too!
As, always local pick up on the Red Neck Riveria is approved!