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11-08-2009, 03:58 PM
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A transmission transmitted it to you???


11-09-2009, 08:30 PM
Thanks for posting this for me! Didn't see it till now.

12-01-2009, 07:49 AM
Guys I have to let her go...
All details and pictures and videos etc are here:
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1980 Corvette For Sale

Adult Owned / Always Garaged / Never Raced / Pampered

4 Speed Manual Transmission
"400HP Motor" (Previous owner claimed he dynod it, I have not but it's feels like a 400HP car)
Fully Street Legal and Passes Smog As-Is in California
Fully Stock and Original (except for the engine, exhaust and the stealth stereo. Stereo system is hidden so it looks stock, but you get great sound from whatever music source you like.)
All New Interior
All New Paint
Brand New Air Conditioner (R134a Conversion Completed)
T-Tops (Convertible Like Roof Panels Come Off, but the Metal Frame Remains for Safety)
Totally Reliable (starts up every time and it has never let me down, I will drive it across the country without hesitation)
$11/month Insurance (Qualifies for Classic Car Insurance, I only pay $11 a month for full coverage with a pre-agreed replacement value, not some depreciated blue book value)
Always Serviced at a Corvette Specialty Shop by LAX (Happy to show you records and have you chat with the shop mechanics)
This has been a great car. It truly needs nothing to be a reliable driver (even a daily driver because of its reliability, nice air condition and stereo). It took me many years to find this car but I have to let it go because I have no room for it and Id like to see it in good loving hands rather than in storage.

I will include the matching T-Top Covers and the cup holders

Its not a show car. (i.e. there are small nicks and imperfections, please see the pictures)

Here is the fix it list:

Limited Slip Differential Seal is Leaking (The Vette Shop will replace and refill for $250/2.5 hours)
Power Door lock switch needs to be cleaned or replaced (Vette Shop will do it for $150)
I can knock $400 off of my price to cover these repairs if you would like to do it yourself.


I can have the shop repair it for you before handing it over.

The car is located in Hermosa Beach California (Los Angeles) and I can show you it most days.

I have the title in hand. (no liens or anything)